Translation of conservationist in Spanish:


conservacionista, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnsərˈveɪʃənəst/ /kɒnsəˈveɪʃ(ə)nɪst/

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    conservacionista masculine, feminine
    (group/policy) (before noun) conservacionista
    • Generations of conservationists and environmentalists have reinforced these views.
    • The plan is signed by eminent ecologists and conservationists from around the world.
    • What rancher or federal manager would listen to the management suggestions of a conservationist who advocated no grazing?
    • I am a conservationist and a farmer, a wilderness advocate and an agrarian.
    • They are also at the heart of what American conservationists have fought to preserve for more than a century.
    • We have teamed up with experts and conservationists to help preserve the skeleton for crucial scientific research.
    • The speed restrictions have also been supported by conservationists, anglers and wildlife experts.
    • It is easy to understand why conservationists and wildlife lovers have been beating a path to the company's door.
    • The decision to become a wildlife conservationist was accidental.
    • Why do some conservationists still not embrace the sustainable use paradigm?
    • As mountain gorillas are susceptible to human diseases, conservationists had feared the worse.
    • Those, then, are some reasons why good farmers are conservationists, and why all farmers ought to be.
    • At the turn of the century, misled conservationists would have had us forego the joys of a Christmas tree.
    • But conservationists see this as a smokescreen, saying that no other wildlife are targeted in this way.
    • As a consequence, serious conservationists should be praising their work.
    • Pity the turtles and cherish them, for they too are on the conservationist's list of vulnerable species and in danger of extinction.
    • It's ironic that a conservationist should so smugly place his own interests above the lives of the animals he destroys.
    • In doing so, he does a disservice to the conservationist community, American Indians and native peoples everywhere.
    • The conservationist movement was not, however, as democratic as Roosevelt believed it to be.
    • Every picture is accompanied by a deep caption, with unashamedly conservationist warnings about ecological threats to the planet.