Translation of considerate in Spanish:


atento, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsɪdərət/ /kənˈsɪd(ə)rət/

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    (person/behavior) atento
    (person/behavior) considerado
    how considerate of her! ¡qué atenta!
    • It has social and political implications that are very meaningful and considerate of the masses.
    • As he admits now, he might have taken a view more considerate of his wider career had he been older and wiser.
    • He must be dignified, he must be tactful and considerate of feelings and of every living creature he sees.
    • Somehow that was considerate of them, but they still were wary.
    • Be considerate of the fact that Wellington's climate may make them want to drown themselves in a very warm bathtub right about now.
    • Also, if you share the space that you're decorating, you should try to be considerate of your room-mates' tastes.
    • In conclusion, I say to all you smokers out there - always be considerate of your fellow non-smoking citizens.
    • The emergency services have joined the hospital in a plea to parents to be more considerate of the potential danger caused by careless parking.
    • If she is a good friend, she will appreciate your honesty and be more considerate of your feelings.
    • She's considerate of your needs and respects the terms of your contract.
    • We are considerate of other highway users including pedestrians.
    • Even those of us who are self-employed still must be considerate of our clients and suppliers.
    • The physician should maintain a gentle and calm demeanor and be considerate of the apprehensive child.
    • He said the Church should be considerate of the plight of people in the district who lost their crop because of floods that had struck the area.
    • But instead of being considerate of my needs, he thought of me as just another conquest.
    • The chairman's statement is considerate of the diverse interests represented by the leaders in the meeting.
    • You each have to be honest about your feelings and considerate of the other.
    • Be especially considerate of those who interact with the public all the time.
    • And remember to be considerate of your colleagues who may not like the same noise levels as yourself.
    • Please be considerate of other spectators when using umbrellas.