Translation of consist in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kənˈsɪst/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to consist of sth constar de algo
    estar compuesto de algo
    to consist in sth consistir en algo
    • This consisted of three to five men who were all loyal to the king and hand-picked by him to serve him.
    • It was spread over two days and consisted of five papers in all, each of which was two and a half hours long.
    • Actually I was presenting evidence which consisted of others presenting an argument.
    • The last few conversations we had together consisted of trying to make some kind of sense of what was happening.
    • It would have consisted of a canoe slalom course, canoe run and changing and training facilities.
    • The inside consisted of a wooden floor and a workbench, complete with a small vice at the kitchen wall end.
    • I'd seen the trailer which largely consisted of this end speech and was a bit disappointed.
    • These consisted not of tapes, as you say, but of European sex channel programmes.
    • It usually consisted of two chickens which she roasted in the big pot oven at the open fire.
    • Lunch was in a typical Cuban restaurant and consisted of fruit, rice and chicken.
    • Since then, his movie career has largely consisted of false leads and failed promises.
    • Last week against France we had a very basic game plan which consisted of kick and chase, hit and ruck.
    • Yesterday's trip out consisted mostly of a visit to the home of football, Maine road.
    • Pride of place went to an exhibit which consisted of two police-cars on top of one another.
    • The exhibition will consist of a wide range of products aimed at the construction industry.
    • It is also our intention to include a section at the back of the book consisting of songs and choruses.
    • Two control groups consisting of ten plants in each group were included initially.
    • Hence an atom consisting of a nucleus and nine electrons would require thirty measurements.
    • The proposed park will consist of five ramps of various sizes and seating.
    • I had my own sort of set prayer, consisting of six words that had been used many times.