Translation of consistent in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kənˈsɪstənt/ /kənˈsɪst(ə)nt/

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    to be consistent (with sth) concordar (con algo)
    • It is also essential that any such agreement is consistent with the European convention on human rights.
    • It also noted that the reforms were consistent with regional agreements.
    • Many legal experts argue that the agreements are neither legal, nor consistent with the Treaty.
    • All of the correspondence thereafter is completely consistent with negotiations between the two sides.
    • The reconciliation process should be consistent with the business strategy.
    • So if a coherence theory of truth is acceptable, it must be consistent with a correspondence theory.
    • Obviously the content of the blog mustn't promote a lifestyle that is not consistent with Christianity.
    • This is not consistent with the spirit of the National Population Policy.
    • That struck me as very much consistent with the philosophy he put out earlier.
    • Is there a way to read these opinions as consistent with a principle?
    • But yes, the changes in personality are consistent with my feelings and thoughts.
    • The original number was 1,200 and he says that is consistent with what they promised.
    • It is consistent with my understanding of what this site is and why it accepts paid advertising.
    • And in that way, the role of the judge is consistent with the democratic theory.
    • What both men were doing was consistent with their respective assumptions and goals.
    • This ruling doesn't seem to be consistent with what is already allowed to be printed and sold.
    • So the overall data is still consistent with a softening housing sector.
    • The investigative personnel allege that this is consistent with international practice.
    • It is also consistent with the growing prominence of gay and lesbian activism on campus.
    • If I were to give you a political position, of course it would be consistent with my personal position.
    • It will be clear to all, and we will have a consistent set of logic applying to it.
    • But can we gain from such images a consistent set of concepts which are relevant both to us and to the age itself?
    • This is not to say that Franklin's book is not guided by a consistent set of interests.
    • Overall, a consistent set of variables is selected across the two functional forms.
    • One maximal consistent set of propositions is distinctive in that all of the propositions belonging to it are true.
    • It says that no consistent formal logical system can prove its own consistency.
    • As long as the extended number system is logically consistent, which it is, there is no harm in using it as a model.
    • These developments require a new set of geologically consistent ideas about how life began.
    • The least he could do is give voters a consistent idea of what he'd do differently and better.
    • There is no conjecture there - it is all supported, sequential, logical and consistent.
    • His argument is compelling and consistent, and it very rarely disappoints.
    • Rousseau was concerned with unity between the author and his work, but not in terms of consistent ideas.
    • Finally, science moves forward because scientists seek to develop logically consistent theories.
    • Both are narrative symphonic poems, but both are also consistent musical arguments.
    • The Society became concerned about the lack of a consistent explanation.
    • I look forward to any consistent and credible explanation of this matter.
    • The need for a consistent system of rules applies in law not only to the admissibility of evidence and how it is assessed.
    • As already implied, a theory can be clear, consistent, complete - and false.
    • Any theory put forward needed to be, or at least to claim to be, internally coherent and consistent in these respects.
    • What it needs is a much more powerful, consistent, and coherent political expression.
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    (excellence/failure) constante
    (denial) sistemático
    (denial) constante
    parents should be consistent los padres deben ser consecuentes
    • we have to be consistent in our approach tenemos que ser coherentes / consecuentes en el enfoque
    • One of the important principles when working with and bringing up children is to be honest, fair and consistent.
    • First, it helps ensure that reporting by parties is adequate, accurate, and consistent.
    • The local authorities should exercise this duty in a fair and consistent way.
    • I realised a long time ago that taxation was never going to be fair or consistent.
    • Be a warm and loving parent, but also be firm and fair, and use consistent rules.
    • It also ensures that student assessment procedures are fair and consistent.
    • At the time there was public debate as to whether this was a fair and consistent decision.
    • Finally, the treatment of infractions must be firm, fair, transparent, and consistent.
    • The Government should be fair and consistent with its expectations and impositions.
    • He is consistent in the application of his brand of pragmatism.
    • There's consequences when the kids don't listen, they are firm and consistent.
    • It will enable the Board to judge performance transparently using consistent measures.
    • The new system made decisions more consistent but some badge holders were judged ineligible.
    • It is a stance we have been consistent on because we feel the country needs to have fair competition.
    • There is lobbying by some airlines for more consistent regulations, and a higher weight allowance for divers.
    • The problem is that the system is not being introduced in a consistent way.
    • You would be stupid to put any faith in our justice system to produce fair and effective judgements of a consistent basis.
    • The camps are operated to a very high standard and the consistent quality of the entire operation has stood the test of time.
    • He was happy to see a local product conforming to the highest standards of quality and consistent supply.
    • He's been one of our most consistent players all season and we'll miss him.
    • He may be getting on a wee bit but he is probably as fit now as he has ever been and has been our most consistent player this season.
    • He won most of his headers and was probably one of our most consistent players this season.
    • He was the team's most consistent defensive player this season and a sure tackler.
    • People grow bored easily and they need either constant updates or consistent quality.
    • With the consistent intervention of human nature, expectations do creep in and that is where the fun starts.
    • The estimated effects were consistent across the various parts of the analysis.
    • These concentrations were chosen after preliminary experiments to be the lowest that showed consistent effects.
    • Any potentially consistent effect might have been underestimated.
    • The nurses' views were remarkably consistent and remained largely unchanged after feedback.
    • Each approach is internally consistent and effective, but different.
    • But much higher rates should come with more consistent service and better quality.
    • On opening night, he alone of the main players managed a consistent performance.
    • Perhaps the consistent quality of cultivated mushrooms has something to do with this.
    • One of the most important factors that relate to good quality of fruit is consistent watering.
    • The newspapers were judged on the consistent quality of the newspaper in that time frame.
    • He is a big lad and is a consistent player, good hands and a big kicker of the ball.
    • Not all his novels and short stories are of consistent quality.