Traducción de consolation en español:


consuelo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑnsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌkɒnsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/

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    consuelo masculino
    if it's any consolation to you si te sirve de consuelo
    • One of the consolations - for gardeners - of the long, wet, dark winter evenings is to sit in front of a roaring fire with seed catalogues and plant lists, and dream of how the garden will look in the summer.
    • For this, they remain personal heroes of mine since a close and intimate relationship seems to be one of the chief consolations of growing older, and I worry I lack the requisite skills, or have become stuck in my ways.
    • Simply put, his wild imagination and inexhaustible creative energy might have been the only consolations for a life that seemed destined for meek destitution from the start.
    • There is plenty of such colourful metaphor in this book - it is one of the consolations as one contemplates the astonishing greed, vanity, chutzpah and arrogance of the CEO.
    • One of the few consolations was that its demolition was a long drawn out process, hindered by the very high quality of the original construction (plenty of concrete).
    • His performance was one of the consolations of Ireland's mauling eight days ago and yesterday he accelerated the impression of an international career on the mend.
    • One of the consolations I have is that we often see these people again, and other helping agencies provide them with assistance too.
    • Still, he's got a few consolations, including his diary, the keeping of which began as an order from his father.
    • The hardest news concerned life's two greatest consolations: dogs and liquor.
    • It has always been one of the greatest pleasures and greatest consolations of humankind, found in all civilisations.
    • One of the consolations of getting older is that you become less interested in yourself.
    • The result was great consolation after a disappointing non-finish in the first race earlier in the day.
    • He is blind and in constant pain, his family's support his only consolation.
    • It is no consolation to those affected that this is part of a seemingly unstoppable process of change.
    • My only consolation is the pleasure I must have had killing her children in a former life.
    • My only consolation is the hope that those truly evil men will burn for eternity in Hell.
    • This fleshy digit is his security blanket, his best friend and sole consolation in an overly-critical world.
    • Their only consolation is the hope that the authorities would have informed them if there son were no longer alive.
    • He dares not date girls and the only consolation for his anxiety is to indulge in the world of porn.
    • The consolation for the visiting support, however, was that after half-an-hour their team had at last posed a threat to the home defence.