Translation of consommé in Spanish:


consomé, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnsəˈmeɪ/ /kənˈsɒmeɪ/

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    consomé masculine
    • Black cabbage handily anchors a vegetable-and-white-bean soup, but duck consommé is too refined for the meaty, duck-filled tortellini it features.
    • The aroma of orange zest cannily unites a clear amber miso consommé with a slew of fresh cockles.
    • The shark's fin was made up of concentrated chicken consommé, gelatinized and shaped into strands like the authentic article.
    • But braised in consommé with wood ears and a ring of foie gras dumplings, the dish gets a tender reawakening.
    • Double-boiled oxtail consommé, dark as sable, thick as varnish, is so powerfully rich, with its satiny raviolini packed with an herbed burst of foie gras, that it relegates other clear soups to mere broth status.
    • However, the chilled pea soup was gelatinous and not very fresh, and the wan, watery crab consommé tasted like something from the kitchen of an ambitious, up-market old persons' home.
    • Here can be found the daily soups that are such a strong point, from a gentle and counterintuitive lobster consommé to a frisky chilled buttermilk number alive with shrimp, red pepper and corn cut right off the cob.
    • Spicy chicken dumplings in a ginger-chili broth, my favorite winter dish, now turn up in aromatic yet light mushroom consommé, but it's not the same.
    • At times like that, the only thing that keeps passengers and crew from mutiny is something spectacular to eat, and all I had in front of me was a turkey, a pigeon and a duck carcass, so I made this amazing consommé.
    • Soak it in hot water and you get the essence of dashi, the stock base of the tangy broths and consommés the Japanese love.
    • The Court of Louis XI were so vain that they lived almost exclusively on broths and consommés because they thought that chewing food would distort the face by developing ugly facial muscles.
    • The consommé is cloudy, the tortilla strips soft, the chicken tender but not so flavourful, the avocado ripe and creamy.
    • That day's specials included two types of panini, a Salad Nicoise or French onion consommé.
    • Some extras seniors would find convenient are instant coffee, tea bags, jelly, hot chocolate mix and consommé.
    • The smell of my consommé was already starting to make me feel drowsy and content.
    • A small gas stove is brought to your table, and a pot of dark poultry consommé is set on a high flame.
    • Thin-skinned crab ravioli are adrift in a gingery consommé studded with the same golden beets that brighten up his citrus-and-miso-dressed mesclun salad.
    • This double-dipping method ensures that the consommé will not become cloudy from the dumpling dough.
    • The menu offers several soups, from a beef consommé to a spinach and egg concoction.
    • Soup doesn't have to be boring either - if you want a change from simple potato or tomato soups, why not indulge your palate with anything from fashionable consommés to more traditional versions with chunky vegetables and beans.