Translation of consort in Spanish:


consorte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsɔrt/ /ˈkɒnsɔːt/

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    consorte masculine, feminine formal
    prince consort príncipe consorte
    • queen consort reina consorte
    • Apart from the reign of William III, consorts of monarchs have had no constitutional significance whatsoever.
    • He had lost a fine wife, an elegant consort, a selfless companion.
    • Queen Victoria, her consort Prince Albert and the Royal children lined a balcony of Hull's premier hotel and waved to the crowds of children below dutifully singing the National Anthem.
    • Certain batik designs, like the parangrusak motif, are still considered sacred as they were specially designed for sultans, their consorts and crown princes.
    • Then he could ransom the princess back to the Queen Mother and her consort.
    • To think that the absence of the monarch and her consort would mean so much less attention at the Guildhall is ridiculous.
    • It was at this point that a North Malabar princess, the consort of the Chirakkal Raja, arrived for worship at the temple.
    • The couple have carefully sidestepped the issue; when he ascends the throne, she will be known as the princess consort.
    • As Queen Anne's consort, Prince George would have felt very much at home with Dahl's portraits of court ladies.
    • It is one thing to live life as a movie star, under the constant glare of one kind of spotlight and restrictions in one's private life but quite another to be the consort of a reigning Prince and representing the citizens of an entire nation.
    • This set of furniture was, therefore, certainly not made for a reigning monarch or consort, as has usually been assumed.
    • Queen Margrethe's consort, Prince Henrik, is French and very knowledgeable about culinary matters.
    • To keep it manageable, readable and above all, entertaining, I've confined myself to reigning British monarchs only, not their various consorts and children; saving a few mostly present-day exceptions.
    • If you wanted to be generous, you could explain away the Empress' comments by pointing to the fact that she is of a different generation, one where women played traditional roles and royal consorts dutifully obeyed centuries-old rules.
    • He was certainly closely acquainted with her before her marriage and, according to three 16th-cent. accounts, confessed to the king that she had been his mistress and was not fit to be a royal consort.
    • In 1820 George IV's attempt to divorce his consort led to the royal family's dirty linen being washed in the courts.
    • As the wife of the president, Mary spent lavishly and entertained on the scale of a royal consort.
    • Three centuries later the history of Queen Adelaide again illustrated the importance of the role of the royal consort.
    • Ceremonial royal funerals are for those members of the Royal Family who hold high military rank, for the consort of the sovereign and for the heir to the throne.
    • Years ago, on a Royal tour of Canada, the Queen and her consort, the Duke of Edinburgh stopped in Bumcrack, Sask., for a Royal visit and state dinner.