Traducción de conspicuous en español:


llamativo, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈspɪkjuəs/ /kənˈspɪkjʊəs/

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    (hat/badge) llamativo
    (differences/omissions/lack) manifiesto
    (differences/omissions/lack) notorio
    (differences/omissions/lack) evidente
    to be conspicuous for sth destacar(se) por algo
    to make oneself conspicuous llamar la atención
    • I feel rather conspicuous in this hat con este sombrero tengo la sensación de que todo el mundo me mira
    • in a most conspicuous position en un lugar bien visible
    • The most visible and conspicuous fact is that people now live better than half a century ago.
    • Guidelines say blue badges must be displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle or in a conspicuous position so all details on it can be clearly seen.
    • So these butterflies are making use of more than the visible portion of the spectrum in order to make itself conspicuous.
    • Its large flowers have a conspicuous mass of red stamens (white in myrtle).
    • Twenty years ago, when we worked together in north-east England, he was equally conspicuous by wearing a ginger wig.
    • It had a lovely translucent green body and a conspicuous darker green triangular head with a pair of bulging black eyes.
    • They have put up a banner at a very conspicuous spot on a busy street in this ‘happening city’.
    • The most conspicuous result now is the Rideau Canal, an immensely expensive waterway that terminates in Ottawa.
    • Short, revealing and as sexy as possible, they come in conspicuous colours.
    • Construction, however, was a conspicuous exception to the general good news.
    • I've often seen bloggers and other webmasters place a wishlist in a conspicuous corner of their page.
    • In its stunning breeding plumage, the head is largely white with a conspicuous black stripe above the eye.
    • This site is one of the most conspicuous locations in Brentford.
    • With a mongrel of overcast sun straying to and from her heels, she scoured all three for conspicuous features related to light.
    • Armoured battle tanks girdled a handful of Boeings and uniformed soldiers were conspicuous.
    • The letter, its title, the box, were so conspicuous, the eye missed everything else on the page.
    • They say that the mark of a great team is the ability to grind out results when they are below par, and this was another conspicuous example.
    • All this was done, it may seem, with remarkably little attention to the natural orientations that are so conspicuous on the map.
    • Surely it could not have been left standing where it was, conspicuous from the town walls.
    • This was prominently exhibited in the London exhibition, and caused a conspicuous stir among the visitors.
    • That is precisely what has been tried on Britain's railways, without conspicuous success.
    • The country has taken waves of immigration before, often with a conspicuous lack of success.
    • His first stint in Italy, then, had not been marked by conspicuous success, with just the solitary cup in five years.
    • The Temeraire fought with conspicuous bravery in the battle beside Nelson's flagship Victory.
    • Early in 1798 he was appointed to lead the Army of Italy, which he did with conspicuous success.
    • The operation was not a failure, but it was not a conspicuous success either.
    • Regulation of tobacco has not been a conspicuous success at the level of the European Union so far.
    • Stylish Mike doesn't like it if you suggest that his enthusiasms are all about ostentation and conspicuous consumption.
    • This man would have been highly conspicuous and I'm sure would have come to the attention of a large number of passers-by.
    • This is evident in the conspicuous consumption of the elites.
    • There is conspicuous abundance here in this lovely place, and patent lack.
    • If this conspicuous consumption made people more contented, I would be less inclined to question it.
    • The attitudinal change of adolescents makes its conspicuous presence in the domestic environment.
    • Poetry and history trump vulgarity and conspicuous consumption.
    • She has problems concentrating and feels conspicuous in public.
    • Two other monuments to conspicuous wealth that lie just across a small bridge will make you yearn for the life of the idle rich.
    • At least the anointed will be able to indulge in conspicuous displays of moral vanity as they fulminate publicly.
    • Yeah, conspicuous indignation has become a kind of right-wing performance art.
    • It could be said that one of the features of contemporary opera is both the dearth of conspicuous talent and the amount of money pursuing it.
    • Welcome to the world of conspicuous donation, to the fundraising galas that lubricate American high society.