Translation of constabulary in Spanish:


policía, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈstæbjəˌlɛri/ /kənˈstabjʊləri/

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nounplural constabularies

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    policía feminine
    • The orchestrated escort and the accompanying police violence in clearing the picket reflected the involvement of city based police, the local constabulary having been cooperative with the workers.
    • The move comes as the Home Office completes plans to merge the county constabularies and reduce 43 police forces to about 15.
    • ‘Operation Cobra’ sounds like a plot by undercover CIA operatives to assassinate a Central American despot, rather than the local constabulary's crackdown on car thieves.
    • Wondering why the full bus then hadn't moved, we realised that we were being encircled by the Lancashire local constabulary, ‘police evidence gatherers’ decked out in riot gear, and mounted police.
    • My own views, however, cannot be solely centred around incidents which occur in the constabulary's force area.
    • This campaign by police constabularies across the country is the last chance for people to get rid of the weapons before the introduction of a minimum five-year jail sentence for illegal possession of prohibited firearms.
    • But a spokeswoman for Cheshire constabulary, which had officers at the site, said the number was nearer 14.
    • And many lower officers and constabulary had full sympathy with the marauding mobs.
    • Our hard work and patience finally paid off and I would like to thank my colleagues, and the many officers from other constabularies who assisted us.
    • I currently work for a UK county constabulary dealing with a mix of emergency calls and general enquiries.
    • If 3 qualified persons cannot be found in any constabulary, candidates may be elected from other constabularies.
    • A spokesman for Lancashire constabulary says a team of officers and family liaison officers are on standby just in case.
    • The Queen has a sense of humour - her Queensland constabulary obviously doesn't.
    • West Yorkshire's special constabulary is recognised as being among the best in the country, and we are proud of that.
    • The first bred the most popular constabulary in the world, a street police, unarmed, recruited from and accountable to its community.
    • I'm a policewoman with Dumfries and Galloway constabulary, so I'm used to doing driving courses and being around cars.
    • In any event, the task of searching the police national computer fell to Cambridgeshire constabulary.
    • Three police dogs are in training with the county's constabulary to wear new lightweight head harnesses fitted with small cameras.
    • Like other police forces, Wiltshire constabulary is not setting up a special squad or unit to deal with possible hunting law infringements.