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constante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnstənt/ /ˈkɒnst(ə)nt/

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    (pain/complaints) constante
    (pain/complaints) continuo
    the fax is in constant use el fax se usa continuamente
    • However, the 9 percent difference in speed has remained constant over the years.
    • Only the ratio of the imports of services to total services produced has remained roughly constant during this period.
    • Control bag pH was similar to pH in the lake and remained relatively constant throughout the six-week period.
    • All definitions remained constant throughout the study period, with the exception of the methodology for counting tests.
    • Consequently, the fructose concentrations remained constant during the feeding period and decreased slowly afterwards.
    • Although metabolic rate may decline during this period, protein catabolism probably remained rather constant.
    • Over short periods of time the growth rates remain virtually constant.
    • As previously noted, however, this ratio has remained largely constant for lower-income households as with all others.
    • According to the report, while government aid has remained fairly constant for college students, tuition increases have outstripped the aid.
    • Statistics compiled for the Group show that the male suicide rate has more than doubled over the past twenty years while the female rate has remained fairly constant.
    • However, taste, smell and touch can remain fairly constant well into our seventies and eighties, provided that we don't neglect them.
    • The number of serious and complicated grievances like infection control issues remained fairly constant throughout the year.
    • The expansion of the university sector has meant more degree holders, but the number of jobs has remained roughly constant.
    • So while the share per head of population remains roughly constant, the share for Scotland as a whole is getting smaller.
    • It was 75 degrees outside but the bedrooms remained at a constant minus 10 degrees somehow.
    • He also noted a rise in pupils staying away from school, although truancy rates remain largely constant.
    • The actual number of people living in dire poverty has remained roughly constant, at about 1.2 billion.
    • Test-retest reliability examines the temporal stability of a measure or how constant scores remain from one occasion to another.
    • It is important to have a continuous and constant flow rate.
    • The reason why different methods can produce widely different results is because a mobile phone does not produce a continuous, constant radiation level.
    • The constant noise continually startled Gracie and Leah's work.
    • There's a pirate with a wandering wooden eye who's good for a chuckle, and it's fun to see a pirate tavern where the bar fights are just the constant background noise.
    • They are however symbolic of a constant noise in the background.
    • In the longer term, sustained improvements in competitiveness require continuous macroeconomic stability and constant vigilance on the part of individual firms.
    • One of the reasons why means are more frequently analysed than ends is because ends are so subjective, contingent, and in constant flux.
    • And then the constant repetition and continuous coverage has been astounding.
    • Yet still his constant writing and reviewing continued.
    • The old fire engines have meant that the staff are subjected to constant breakdowns and are continually looking for spare parts.
    • This season he has been troubled by a groin injury and while receiving constant treatment continues to play.
    • This initiative should be seen as the right way to treat employees, not an opportunity to continue the constant sniping.
    • The constant spin continues to cancel out the effect of gravity, and keeps the wheel upright.
    • But his continual torment, his constant wishing to be with the dead, made him certain he could not stand living much longer.
    • Many systems survive for decades, undergoing constant tweaking and continual evaluation.
    • Above decks there was constant activity as repairs continued to the newly acquired British ship.
    • The two voices behind him had continued in a constant drone since he got on.
    • His mother would be unable to continue her constant harping on his bachelor status.
    • It will always need constant regeneration, constant effort, and constant activity to continue.
    • Let me tell you about the non-stop insanity, the constant chaos, the perpetual pandemonium.
    • In clothes stores, sandwich bars, gyms and coffee shops we face a constant barrage of background music - music we notice but rarely listen to.
    • There's a constant background hum of machinery, the sound of switches being flicked and the astronauts around you going about their routines.
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    (temperature/speed) constante
    calculated at constant prices calculado a precios constantes
    • expressed in constant dollars expresado en dólares constantes
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    • At that very road crossing, he had said a tearful good-bye to his constant companion and best friend.
    • They are constant companions - unchanging, unchangeable.
    • For the glitterati, pets very often are their most devoted and constant friends and, therefore, enjoy the best money can buy.
    • Apprehension is the constant companion of the true lover.
    • And from a total of 33 constant friends, only half a dozen are ‘bosom buddies’.
    • He has been my constant companion for over 11 years and a more faithful and devoted one I shall never have.
    • They would waltz in and out of my life at intervals and so I theorized that I got ‘used’ to not having any constant friends around.
    • Having a good, constant friend is important, and being in a prosocial peer group where one is accepted is even better.
    • The radio was her constant friend and always at her bedside.
    • Those books are my constant friends and if they look a bit tattered and worn, well, so do I.
    • Not only would I be leaving my father, I would also be leaving behind my friends, who have been my constant companions since the beginning of my youth.
    • I even found my old friend steamed broccoli, along with his constant companion, baked chicken without the skin.
    • But it didn't seem to matter as much, because I found a constant friend, Madelyn.
    • Jesus has returned to God and now can be present everywhere for all eternity - so he can be our constant friend.
    • Improbably, she helps, and stays around to help more, becoming a constant friend.
    • I hope you like them, as they'll be your constant friends until you graduate from this class.
    • It seemed a good idea to begin with the brush because it was the most constant friend.
    • If your child is ill or you are worried, shout to the rooftops or guilt will walk with you as a constant friend.
    • My constant companions were thoroughly entertained.


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    constante femenino