Translation of constituency in Spanish:


circunscripción electoral, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈstɪtʃuənsi/ /kənˈstɪtjʊənsi/

nounplural constituencies

  • 1

    circunscripción electoral feminine
    distrito electoral masculine
    • He represents the Meath constituency in the Dail and as a result of his appointment will resign his seat and a by-election will be held in Meath.
    • The seat was abolished following boundary changes in 1983, after which he represented the Selby constituency.
    • Fourteen members represent London constituencies, the other 11 are London-wide and their job is to scrutinise and monitor the mayor's performance.
    • This year the scheme will be extended to 200,000 people in 15 wards in the parliamentary constituencies of Brightside, Central and Hallam.
    • The Minister, who represents the Hacketstown constituency, expressed his delight that the project was now completed.
    • He represented three different Dublin constituencies before losing his seat last June in the nationwide collapse of the Fine Gael vote.
    • The Conservative Party plans to use marketing software to identify potential supporters in key constituencies then telephone them to try to win their votes.
    • The website helps Liberal Democrat voters in the two constituencies to find Labour supporters living in constituencies elsewhere in the country where Labour has no hope of winning.
    • Growing up in a PNM-loyal family, I have been a supporter all my life in the Couva North constituency.
    • She thanked voters in the Bolton West constituency for the support they had shown for her campaign.
    • Other party officials say that on the ground there is immense hostility to him and he has few supporters left in the constituency.
    • The right of MPs to use a decades-old rule that entitles any member outside the inner London constituencies to claim interest on the mortgage for a home near Westminster remains untouched.
    • Every member of the Cabinet has been scheduled to visit the constituency in the run-up to the election.
    • My husband is planning to start a factory for manufacturing green environment friendly condoms in the Minister's constituency.
    • He owns the 250-bedroom Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney, the heart of the minister's constituency.
  • 2

    (de una circunscripción electoral) electores potenciales masculine
    • Five contenders for the rural constituency were asked their opinion on a decision to shelve flood defence plans for Pickering.
    • The implication here is that there is something wrong with parties serving the interests of particular constituencies, that instead they ought somehow to be above, well, politics.
    • Such is the sullenness towards him in some constituencies of opinion that they don't want to hear him when he wants to reach out to them.
    • That is an awful lot of political constituencies to which accountability is required.
    • Such ranking is carried out to respond to the interests of political constituencies and not primarily to the interests of the students engaged in the business of learning.
    • Encouraged by the economic difficulties of the 1920s, the party system began to fragment as political groups sought to represent the particular interests of their constituencies.
    • I think what we are looking at here is a new progressive political movement that will go beyond November in realigning political constituencies in this country.
    • They rather spend more time on their personal business and respective interests in the constituency from where they hail.
    • There are some people in that music scene who are defining a political constituency and using it as a voting bloc to effect social change.
    • But local and family history has built up a political constituency that ought to be respected.
    • The nature and interests of these constituencies were varied and illustrated the different ways in which working people had responded to the challenges of modernization.
    • It served to insulate agricultural policy both from competing domestic political constituencies and from American demands for trade liberalization.
    • In fact, to read through most rap lyrics is to wonder which adults or political constituencies wouldn't take offense.
    • The concrete situation is in any case one where there are a number of different united fronts, each with its own distinct political constituencies.
    • A proliferation of media outlets emerged to serve specialized interests and constituencies as a consequence of economic reform.
    • Military power has a way of creating some political constituencies for itself.
    • Like the Dalai Lama, she would then be able to work the relevant political and media constituencies.
    • The network will also take a look at constituencies with key Asian interests across the country.
    • In doing so, the danger also exist that we might accentuate Africa's post-colonial particularity where politicians seek public office to serve ethnic constituencies.
    • But to succeed in elections, they must appeal to their core constituency of extremely conservative voters in the south.