Translation of constitutional in Spanish:


constitucional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnstəˈt(j)uʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /kɒnstɪˈtjuːʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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    (crisis/dilemma/monarchy) constitucional
    • In June 1960 a group of princes signed a memorandum calling for a constitutional monarchy.
    • Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.
    • The Deputy Prime Minister said today that he believes in supporting the constitutional monarchy.
    • Spain was once a dictatorship, for example, then became a constitutional monarchy under King Carlos.
    • To take ‘loyalty to the Queen’ out of the oath is not to deny that New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy.
    • Upholding the ideals of service and duty is one of three purposes of a constitutional monarchy.
    • Only Congress can declare war and only Congress has the constitutional authority to raise money for war and diplomacy.
    • Parliament had cut back the monarchy to a constitutional role, and asserted its own sovereignty as the representative of the people.
    • However, the new memo ignored the question of the constitutional authority of the president to authorize torture.
    • A vote set to sail through became mired in questions of authority and constitutional legitimacy.
    • The politics of rights varies according to whether constitutional or non-constitutional regimes are involved.
    • Questioning the legitimacy or constitutional propriety of an action by the executive is a useful device for the opposition.
    • That is, the Federal Treasury creates credit under constitutional authority.
    • He pleaded not guilty to all the charges and attacked the constitutional legitimacy of the military regime.
    • Fundamental constitutional principles are few, and even they are subject to change.
    • No one in the press corps challenged this attack on fundamental constitutional principles.
    • He multiplied assurances to the establishment, claiming that constitutional government was safe.
    • If we are, how do we return to democratic, constitutional government when the emergency is over?
    • Given her weakness in constitutional law, her background in business law looks like a strength.
    • It is a fundamental constitutional principle, deeply entrenched within our system.
    • The minority denounced the stay as a violation of both constitutional procedures and democratic principles.
    • It is a constitutional document, and constitutional documents and principles are always the subject of debate.
    • Only then will the PNG government introduce the constitutional amendment.
    • This clearly concerns the now well established doctrine or principle of constitutional law of supremacy.
    • He said that despite his Euroscepticism, he was not in principle opposed to a constitutional treaty for the European Union.
    • I'm opposed to any kind of constitutional amendment or federal involvement in this issue.
    • The underlying process is the destruction of the established legal and constitutional framework.
    • He is prepared to agree only if a constitutional amendment to curtail the powers of the future president is agreed to at the same time.
    • The reverence given to the Constitution is one explanation for the very small number of constitutional amendments.
    • A committee is due to release draft constitutional amendments as early as next month.
    • At the same time, only a minority of Americans support a constitutional amendment opposing gay marriage.
    • The people might even pass a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court's decision.
    • Therefore, we reaffirm our support for a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.
    • They oppose the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but at the same time oppose gay marriage.
    • In response, a constitutional amendment that curbs the military's power was passed in May.
    • What's next, a constitutional amendment to preserve the right to breathe fresh air?
    • Now is the time for us to be eternally vigilant in protecting the constitutional principles on which our nation was built.
    • Use of this principle with respect to constitutional interpretation may still be controversial.
    • The federalism proposed by the liberal opponents of a constitutional amendment is in fact a sham.


dated, humorous
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    paseo masculine
    • I took one of my regular constitutionals tonight.
    • I need to be in prime shape for my wedding day, and chances are my daily constitutionals in the park are no longer going to cut it.
    • I guess by the time she's my age I'll be content with exertion no more strenuous than a nightly constitutional.
    • It will still be worth going for a little constitutional afterwards, though, instead of slumping in front of the TV set.
    • One of the times I was listening to this movement I was taking my daily constitutional.