Traducción de constrain en español:


obligar, v.

Pronunciación /kənˈstreɪn/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    constreñir formal
    she felt constrained to be polite se sintió obligada a ser cortés
    • She was not constrained to follow His passage, but made a devastating beeline to wherever she thought she could pin Him down, only to discover in every instance that He was already gone.
    • We are constrained to apply only reasonable force when we, our families, or our property is attacked.
    • May the Lord graciously grant us this holy faith and the love for Christ that rises from it - a love that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, constraining us to lean on him alone.
    • It is not just that we are free to kill other people; market freedom constrains us to do so.
    • I am constrained, however, to require repayment only at the time this proceeding is resolved either by settlement or trial.
    • He argues that the main plot of the post-Stalin years was the waning of administrative pressure, but his sources constrain him to tell the story of reforms.
    • ‘I very much regret that I am constrained so to do,’ he said.
    • The enemy has been given every advantage by our sense of morality and restraint and by a set of operational rules that we are constrained to operate under.
    • I was working on how, as a lesbian, I felt I was constrained to wear a uniform, which was something I had resisted all my life.
    • But after more than four years now, we are constrained to take a hard and serious look at the whole enterprise.
    • I am also constrained to point out that on many subjects they would vigorously disagree with one another.
    • However, I am constrained to view, with great disquiet, some aspects of these plans.
    • I am not constrained to continue working on this piece if I need some alternative activity.