Translation of constraint in Spanish:


coacción, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈstreɪnt/

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  • 1

    coacción feminine
    we acted under constraint actuamos coaccionados / bajo coacción
    • there is no constraint to participate no es obligatorio participar
    • Such constraints restrict the effectiveness of all humanitarian interventions.
    • Some of the externally imposed limitations and constraints on our actions are evident to us.
    • Foundation trusts will be subject to fewer checks and constraints over their actions.
    • Nevertheless, it will be all but impossible to shed some of the space constraints.
    • However, opposition MPs said it could no longer hide behind operational constraints.
    • That's occurring at a time when these capacity constraints are biting in some areas.
    • He cultivates a sense of social responsibility in a marvellous vacuum of normal social constraints.
    • The bandwidth constraints of the internet force us to find more concise ways to represent information.
    • The report examines in some detail the impacts, opportunities and constraints of each option.
    • He said residents might be issued with information leaflets so they were aware of the constraints on Ryan.
    • They resent any constraint as an insult to their will to dominate and exercise power.
    • They find a bleak life of constraint and alienation - not an heroic American salvation tale but a cold comfort saga.
    • In the run-up to devolution it was widely expected that one of the main challenges would be fiscal constraint.
    • Resistance from the medical community has been one important constraint.
    • The main regulatory constraint in the post war period was the ceiling on interest rates.
    • For the past two months, US officials have been seeking to wriggle free from this constraint.
    • The solution lies with Labour councillors, who must reverse this effective parking constraint and allow more parking space.
    • ‘We applied a much higher level of constraint than was used in the past,’ he says.
    • But, subject to that constraint, funders should reveal as much as possible as soon as possible.
    • Well I know that it's not my best work, and some of it is years old, used again partly because of financial constraint.
  • 2

    restricción feminine
    limitación feminine
    without constraint sin restricciones / limitaciones
  • 3

    represión feminine
    • Then you help the person develop strategies to overcome that social constraint.
    • How good it would feel to be without constraint to spread the good news of the gospel to those who never saw the need for it.
    • If a king is seeking freedom from constraint through disguise, the greatest freedom is to be had through disguising himself as a beggar.
    • It includes the freedom to talk without constraint, to discuss, to debate, to inquire, to lobby, to petition, to assemble without fear, to protest.
    • Participants were allowed to talk without constraint for as long as they chose about what they considered quality reference service.
    • Only once have I heard him laugh without constraint.