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construcción, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈstrəkʃ(ə)n/ /kənˈstrʌkʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(of building, road, ship)

      construcción femenino
      (industry/worker) (before noun) de la construcción
      (toy/set) para construir modelos EEUU
      road construction construcción de carreteras
      • to be under construction estar en construcción
      • construction company constructora
      • With two housing developments currently under construction in Bangor, the town has got a major face-lift in the last five years.
      • Another day, James hops a city bus and rides it to the end of the line, a field out in the country where new housing is under construction.
      • It is located near a nursing home on extensive grounds and there is a housing development under construction to the southern side.
      • There are currently four major housing projects under construction in the area.
      • There are currently six social housing schemes under construction in the county.
      • A number of new housing estates under construction at the moment, when completed, should enhance the town further, the report added.
      • The announcement came as the mayor inspected the building site where two new buildings are currently under construction.
      • So far the authorities are powerless to intervene because the building under construction conforms exactly to the plans approved by the local council.
      • There was a factory building under construction, and this must be the chemical factory that triggered this incident.
      • A three-story government office building is under construction in the center of town.
      • The building, under construction for two and a half years, will be dedicated in February.
      • They used the shell of a new mosque which has been under construction alongside the old building.
      • Typically two guideway support columns were under construction at any one time.
      • While new housing construction has declined sharply, an increase in building demolitions has also taken place.
      • The construction of a building involves thousands of details, performed at the hands of scores of individuals.
      • Besides construction of classrooms and shelters, various Rotary Clubs have also contributed in several humanitarian programmes.
      • The construction of the wall fence, which is 75 percent complete, has now been delayed until the parties reach a compromise.
      • The project will see the demolition of an existing house and the construction of a 144 bedroom hotel spread over a ground floor and 14 upper floors.
      • The construction of the snake house, the otter enclosure and the panther enclosure has been half completed.
      • The construction of her own house back home in Belgium is her current obsession.
      • Not many responders had a history of dusty work, such as experience in road and building construction and the cement industry.
      • Today, the main use of bitumen is in the road making industry for construction and maintenance.
      • The CFMEU represents workers in mining and construction, two industries where there is a greater risk than most that workers won't make it home at the end of the day.
      • Could it be the explosive growth in industries like construction, agriculture, poultry, and carpet-making?
      • Lumber and construction are secondary industries.
      • If he was going there to supervise the construction of the hotel, he should have been accompanied by experts in building construction and the hotel industry.
      • Many industries, such as construction, agriculture and mining have been almost entirely de-unionised.
      • By chance, French companies are not last in the world in fields like public construction, roads, tourism, energy and food industry.
      • Most strikes occurred in the retail sector, followed by the mining industry, metal and manufacturing, building and construction and transport.
      • Other industries include agriculture, construction, mining, and manufacturing.
      • Areas such as construction, woodwork and industrial manufacture may prove a problem.
      • There he worked in the building industry and work in construction was far more laborious than it is today.
      • Most of them will go and work in building construction, brick making and roads.

    • 1.2(of theory)

      construcción femenino
      elaboración femenino
      • It's all very big and heady - the world of abstract construction - but it's child's play, really.
      • This book should generate some lively ideas for creative work tying in with construction and invention, imagination and probability.
      • We did a lot of creative construction back in the founding.
      • However, in each case we see an intellectual predilection for stressing the active role of individuals in the social construction of social reality.
      • It will help in the creative construction of concepts and practices that will deal with the present and future.
      • The novels he explores suggest that those groups who control power also dominate the presentation and construction of reality.
      • Parts of this paper will be informed by his view of the social construction of reality and its inherent dialectical character.
      • So you have the social construction of reality, and the expanding universe… looking like the same thing.
      • This interplay is what I take to be that phenomenon called the social construction of reality.
      • Since reality is our own construction, it should be our responsibility to know what we can do with it.
      • Let us now turn to the construction of institutional entities in virtual environments.
      • Cyberspace must thereby be understood as an intersubjective construction of cyborgian selves.
      • His study offers an analysis of the cultural constructions of gender and national identity during the war years.
      • Not to do so would contravene his will, viewed as a construction of his higher-order desires, even if the action turned out to be to his disadvantage.
      • Yes, I understand that marriage is a social construction.
      • The view that the races are social constructions is often associated with the claim that Europeans invented the races.
      • More recently, Men's Studies have explored the social construction of masculinities.
      • Men are also gendered beings, and are affected in negative ways through the social construction of masculinity.
      • In the discourse of policy makers, European cinema is a part of the discursive construction of a European identity.

    • 1.3Lingüística Matemáticas

      construcción femenino
      • The only solution is that both are uses of the plain form in a subjunctive main clause construction.
      • Language experts can tell from sentence construction, phrase and idiom whether or not you think in the language of your speech or writing.
      • That tells us that the construction is an interrogative complement clause in each case.
      • The construction doesn't require a clause introduced by that - it can be a bare sentence
      • The quotation is an example of an English construction in which parallel modifiers are interpreted in a special way.

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    (design, composition)
    construcción femenino
    faults in construction defectos de construcción
    • Some furniture is just butted up together and is nailed, I do not recommend that style of construction.
    • Application of a water repellent does not negate proper brick construction and detailing procedures.
    • Santa Barbara has a strict planning code that forces architects and developers to use a Spanish style of construction, and prohibits any building of more than two storeys.
    • Other features of the house, which is of timber frame construction with part brick finish, include double glazing and oil-fired central heating.
    • I hear about a lot of builders out there who are changing over from stick construction to modular building.
    • Most of the houses, with brick and tile construction, carved doors and painted windows, are built along canals.
    • The building is of drop log construction, a style adopted by Tim for its similarity with the pioneering architecture of the region.
    • But beyond its prefab construction and green considerations, the Sunset Breezehouse is simply good design at work.
    • But the fact remains that the sizes determined for the architecture of the room are compatible with brick construction, on a plausible modular dimension.
    • The sunroom's design and construction was a family affair.
    • A range of stringent health and safety considerations underpins the design and construction of the modern childcare facility.
    • The fineness of every aspect of the Chettinadu style of construction, including the interiors of houses, was detailed in the portraits.
    • Their style of construction varies, with examples of European, American, Russian and Japanese designs to be found.
    • The building itself allows little space for amenity land for the children to play in, and the style of construction is totally out of character for the area.
    • The two structures will be of a timber construction for the animals.
    • The deck and cabin structure are a sandwich construction utilizing plywood rather than balsa as a core material.
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    estructura femenino
    construcción femenino
    • Our present building is a modern construction with seven classrooms.
    • The group has been equally impressed by less spectacular constructions - bus shelters, flyovers, washing machines.
    • Older buildings still outnumber newer constructions unlike so many Thai towns and cities.
    • Again, we have Indigenous cultures who built impressive constructions laid out in a vast grid.
    • A stone construction with a wooden superstructure, the bridge houses 64 shops.
    • The building housing the immigration office is a concrete construction typical of the former East Germany.
    • Does the building possess any feature not commonly seen in modern constructions?
    • On the low podium at the far end of the building is a similar construction which mirrors the simple rose window behind you.
    • The Celts and their predecessors had put up edifices such as stone circles, calms and assorted burial constructions near sacred wells.
    • Ones does not simply say that the addition of the second floor renders it a new building, a new construction.
    • Behind the door is a three-dimensional construction, like a museum diorama.
    • The simplest way of growing plants under glass is to use a cold frame, a modest construction of low walls topped with a wooden frame and glazed with glass or polythene.
    • The play castle is a wooden construction which contains a mock tower, drawbridge, slides and rope swings.
    • There are also companies that concentrate on internal stables - constructions for use within existing structures such as cow sheds.
    • Shopping is a big past-time and the malls are lavish constructions with lifts, fountains and plenty of open coffee shops.
    • The barn was a wooden construction with a corrugated iron roof and only a wide opening for a door.
    • York's Millennium Bridge was among the constructions to scoop a prize at the national Civic Trust Awards.
    • The traders have been requested to remove unauthorised constructions on platforms.
    • The court was hearing a petition on removing shops and illegal constructions within the fort.
    • Up to now most wooden bridges have been flat constructions with limited length and strength.
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    interpretación femenino
    you're putting a wrong construction on what she said estás dando una interpretación errónea a sus palabras
    • The reader will not expect to find in these pages any novel views, and novel constructions of the Constitution.
    • However, an analysis of early modern constructions of perception and the role of the passions, reveals something slightly different.
    • So I would argue that moralities be understood as constructions, which creates a space in which they can be interrogated.
    • The second section of analyses concerns judicial constructions of breach of trust.
    • In favour of such a construction might be the view that the amendment is purely definitional and merely enlarges the operation of the Act in that way.
    • In this view of interpretation as construction, the text itself serves as the boundaries around possible meanings.
    • If one looks at that history we say that a purposive construction gives rise to a different view to that which I understand is literally open.
    • In my view, however, a narrow construction is inappropriate.
    • He criticised this analysis as being based on a tortuous construction which is unnecessary and inappropriate.
    • That, in my view, is an improper construction of the provision, and is is inconsistent with the broad statutory language.
    • And that would be a construction totally consistent with the second reading speech.
    • Data from a focus group yields a construction of sovereignty that is analysed discursively.
    • Thanks to him, definitions and constructions of civil rights have been on my mind lately.
    • It is these human religious constructions that have become unconvincing.
    • For a long time, I simply thought of philosophy as interesting constructions.
    • There is, so far as I am aware, no authority on the true construction of this clause.