Translation of consult in Spanish:


consultar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈsəlt/ /kənˈsʌlt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (expert/colleague/dictionary/watch) consultar
    if symptoms persist, consult a doctor si los síntomas continúan, consulte a su médico
    • we were not consulted about the office move no se nos consultó (sobre) el traslado de la oficina
    • Anyone seeking such advice should consult a competent professional.
    • Do always consult an expert for advice on international adoption agencies and orphanages.
    • Continue to engage and consult professional trainers, breeders and other specialists.
    • It is clear that they were documents containing information which had been obtained by the plaintiffs with a view to consulting their professional adviser.
    • Before removing stains, consult a professional cleaner or read our article on removing stains.
    • In that case, consult a professional cleaner or simply throw out the article and replace it.
    • If the householder does not like his advice, he may consult another practitioner.
    • And then there are the men and women who spend years going to doctors and specialists and consulting every expert on the subject but still fail to get their one wish - to have a child of their own.
    • Henry Schlee is a regular skier in Whistler and always consults the experts at Holiday Whistler for advice on great Whistler rental accommodation.
    • The Information Commissioner was not consulted by the Government before these amendments were tabled.
    • This information is not necessarily readily available to novice investors, who might do well to consult a financial adviser.
    • You should also consult your accountant and financial adviser.
    • The next day, major newspapers such as The Times and the Washington Post began consulting forensic experts and reporting stories that raised similar questions.
    • However, the personal trainer should not perform assisted stretching without first consulting the rehab professional who previously treated the client.
    • You should consult a licensed professional who can advise you about your financial affairs before you make any decisions.
    • If pain and lack of range of motion continue after six to eight weeks, consult a medical professional.
    • If your child shows symptoms of allergies, consult a medical specialist for advice.
    • He further added that ‘The Government made its decision without consulting experts in the trade.’
    • The President rejected the mercy petition after consulting legal experts, including Attorney General Milon Banerji.
    • I suggest that those in the government in charge of catching corruptors consult a cardiac expert before it's too late.
    • I would not consult watches or diaries if I did not need time to do things, if I did not need to do things on time.
    • Serena watched him consult his electronic notepad then head for the door of the hotel room.
    • He had refreshed his memory by consulting the meticulous diaries he has kept throughout his career.
    • For paper, he went to university libraries and consulted old books, quickly ripping out the blank endpapers whenever no one was looking.
    • She began to catch up after those wasted years and read books and consulted the dictionary constantly.
    • After consulting the phone book, I grabbed the old receiver and dialed Rick Miles' phone number.
    • Gualtero set his spoon down too and consulted his pocket watch.
    • Shortly afterwards, Frosty consults his watch in mock horror.
    • Each one consults their watch or mobile phone, and then tells him, but he keeps asking.
    • Around 2.25 a.m. (I was consulting my watch forever that night), he made his appearance.
    • In the South Front section of the building the actual corridors at the head of stacks are so narrow it is only possible to sit across the short side of a table while consulting a book.
    • I made a show of consulting my watch and quickly bade the place goodbye.
    • Visitors sometimes leave empty-handed, having achieved their purpose by consulting a book or score.
    • After changing jeans and shoes, he went down to the drawing room to consult the address book beside the telephone.
    • Content that everything is in order, Mark consults his watch and decides to make himself a cup of coffee, realizing that Tommy won't be arriving for at least half an hour.
    • Later in the story when he writes Mr. Lincoln a letter asking for help, he consults Milton's book.
    • Yes, I am consulting the Book According to Megan.
    • If one is familiar with the existing sources pertaining to the First and Second Banks of the United States, there will be nothing to gain by consulting this book.
    • The next day he consulted Mouton's book and found that Pell was correct.
    • Patricia Dillon pointed out that since his statement last May, Dunlop would have been able to consult his diary.
  • 2formal

    (feelings/interests) tener en consideración
    (feelings/interests) considerar
    • He said that at the centre of the present crisis was the fact that the federal council had taken a course of action without consulting the people.
    • No one of course consulted the Scottish people, and widespread popular opposition greeted the Union.
    • Of course I am not consulted by State-owned enterprises before they put up prices.
    • Councillors have arranged a meeting at the end of November to discuss consulting all residents on the festival's future.
    • If you genuinely want new ideas, don't forget to consult people you respect who have never worked in your industry
    • The Council consulted him and discussed legislative projects, while the Senate voted on those projects.
    • They had been worried after one doctor altered Thomas's treatment without consulting a junior colleague responsible for his care.
    • He said he would be consulting staff about the proposals before deciding what course of action the branch would take.
    • Advances in our understanding of the human genome not only have a considerable impact on consulting individuals and their families but also on the population in general.
    • ‘We will be consulting local people about going through the tunnel - an option is to provide two routes, one through and another over the top,’ Mr McQuillan said.
    • Bexley Council is currently consulting people about its plans to spend £4m during the next five years on expanding and updating the library service.
    • The report recommends seeking additional funds for the skate park, but also includes consulting young people about which facilities they see as most important for them.
    • As in '99, opponents of a republic with an Australian Head of State will complain that consulting the people is a waste of time and money.
    • She highlighted her concerns at how the Irish people were never consulted about signing up to an EU constitution.
    • We consulted people and began the process of tendering.
    • The people were consulted and have spoken; it is just unfortunate that many of Europe's politicians dislike their reply.
    • I wonder if people were even consulted before drawing up this plan.
    • I am sure if the organizers of the Awards had consulted the right persons the results would have been different.
    • The council has already consulted the people on what they want.
    • It shouldn't be left till the flames are coming out the top of the plant before people are consulted.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    they consulted and decided to leave se consultaron entre sí y decidieron irse
    • I ought to consult with my wife first primero debería consultárselo a / consultarlo con mi mujer