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asesoría, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈsəltnsi/ /kənˈsʌlt(ə)nsi/

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nombreplural consultancies

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    asesoría femenino
    consultoría femenino
    consulting masculino
    consultancy fees honorarios por asesoría
    • Colette Grundy has worked in environmental consultancy for the past 10 years.
    • He has since developed interests in a number of companies, offering business consultancy and private investment advice.
    • Irish operations include research and development, consultancy and training.
    • Andersen's death will be a watershed for accountancy and consultancy; neither will be the same again.
    • Just as well the department is offering to fund five days of consultancy if a school wants to develop such a strategy.
    • Laurent will provide research and development consultancy on an on-going basis.
    • It recently announced plans to buy companies that are active in energy consultancy.
    • For a woman with a background in beauty consultancy and art promotion, she has learned a thing or two about the pharmaceuticals industry.
    • The larger accountancy houses add consultancy and other services to their product mix.
    • It provides consultancy, IT support, specialised business workshops and an ongoing advice service.
    • The next six weeks is spent working on consultancy projects for small and medium-sized businesses in Scotland.
    • When a short term consultancy became available with PB Asia Parsons Aviation he took it.
    • Soon, he ventured into consultancy but was drawn by the prospects in IT.
    • Last year her €60,000-a-month consultancy to run the Digital Hub came to an end.
    • Ten years ago he was a Dundee University drop out whose career encompassed labouring, recruitment consultancy and a rock band.
    • Many foreign securities firms have been investing in China by means of technical support and consultancy.
    • The pilot will bring in 28 days of free consultancy from specialists, which could be worth tens of thousands of pounds.
    • That's not to suggest that civil servants who have taken lucrative consultancies in private business have done anything wrong.
    • The expert knowledge of folklorists and ethnologists is also in demand in the tourist and development industries and their academic writings are a cachet to earning consultancies and contracts.
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