Translation of consultant in Spanish:


asesor, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈsəltnt/ /kənˈsʌlt(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (architect/engineer) (before noun) asesor
    (architect/engineer) (before noun) consultor
    asesor masculine
    asesora feminine
    consultor masculine
    consultora feminine
    I'm a management consultant soy asesor / consultor de gestión empresarial
    • The consultants provide advice on how to energise the crystals and place the objects.
    • Wind farm experts and consultants West Coast Energy will be on hand to answer questions on the scheme.
    • The city was chosen against the advice of consultants, who ruled it out on cost grounds.
    • So, against the advice of the consultant, we decided against the induction.
    • It was put together by a group of volunteer, professional economists and consultants.
    • Arlington denied Liam Lawlor offered to act as a consultant and said no money was paid to him.
    • He is acting as a consultant as Scottish Cricket draws up its battle plan.
    • Richard Yamasaki, one of the garden's original designers, now acts as a consultant.
    • The consultant did the search and provided a list of candidates for the position.
    • Can our present councillors ever make any decisions without first consulting consultants?
    • The highest levels found by the local authority consultants have not been replicated by others.
    • More to the point, we are a nation of accountants, consultants and financial advisers.
    • She is now a self-employed consultant advising on the workings of the Scottish parliament.
    • Specialist consultants have been brought in to advise on plans for Highworth's skate park.
    • A key factor is matching a consultant's niche expertise to your specific needs.
    • A noise consultant has also been brought in to give advice on other ways of reducing the noise.
    • The author is a program consultant and host at China Central Television in Beijing.
    • Several lawyers and consultants conducted quick reviews of the act for Windspeaker.
    • The campaign was launched with the help of advertising consultants Jupiter Advertising.
    • They say political consultants know this, and use negative campaigning for this very purpose.
  • 2British

    especialista masculine, feminine
    consultant ophthalmologist/pediatrician especialista en oftalmología/pediatría
    • Reporting levels among hospital consultants and doctors in nursing homes have increased far less.
    • I recently accompanied a relative to hospital to see a consultant oncologist.
    • Their experiences are commented on by a general practitioner and a consultant haematologist.
    • He was also consultant physician to Holloway Sanatorium and Broadmoor Hospital.
    • He was then appointed as locum consultant urologist at Dewsbury and District Hospital.
    • The task of informing patients was delegated to consultant gynaecologists or oncologists.
    • In my day we were not stupid enough to suppose that references were the key to getting a hospital consultant job.
    • They might also agree that obtaining a consultant post in a teaching hospital obliges a doctor to teach.
    • He became professor of surgery and honorary consultant surgeon in Bristol in 1988.
    • Each patient was seen by a consultant surgeon or surgical specialist registrar.
    • Dr Kapasi welcomes publication of league tables of hospital and consultant performance.
    • I believe this would apply to the post of consultant surgeon at the University Hospital of Otago.
    • Alex visits a consultant paediatrician at Stepping Hill Hospital every eight months.
    • It's Dr Jack Jackson's last week as senior consultant at a rural district general hospital.
    • One of her colleagues, consultant psychiatrist Dr Ann Muir, has already done so.
    • As consultant surgeon in Gateshead he pioneered early work on hepatic blood flow.
    • They will then be reviewed by one of five consultants within Lancashire Teaching Hospital.
    • Thereafter they move on to specialist training grades running through to consultant level.
    • This report shows that the improvements depended on increased consultant input.
    • She referred me to a consultant but advised me to pay to go private if I could afford it.