Traducción de consumerism en español:


consumismo, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈsuməˌrɪzəm/ /kənˈsjuːmərɪz(ə)m/

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  • 1often despectivo

    (high consumption)
    consumismo masculino
    • In the mainstream media, consumerism and marketing techniques impinge on news-editorial content and presentation.
    • It is they who shoved us into wanton consumerism, into a society in which we must maintain a champagne lifestyle on mauby pockets.
    • Like music and literature, art has become a commodity in a society of consumerism.
    • Society is dominated by consumerism and a cult of the body instead of the spirit.
    • In a society as dominated by consumerism as America, cash tills often ring in tune with the national mood.
    • Sounds like the perfect Manhattan marriage of convenience and consumerism.
    • The impact of consumerism emerges as a factor in stabilisation, as do the different understandings of stability and stabilisation.
    • I do think that it is important to analyze the ways in which consumerism genuinely atomizes people.
    • Feminism - like consumerism, socialism, politics and religion - is one of these subjects.
    • How can we cope with the increasing consumerism even of our religious practices?
    • The Church of Stop Shopping exists because consumerism has arguably become a religion itself.
    • Oh yeah - because consumerism and advertising has no demonstrable negative effects.
    • It had a mildly amusing political commentary about consumerism taped on.
    • Well, the very fact that consumerism gives people material possessions should answer that question for itself - No.
    • Sloan's drive toward consumerism in the auto industry has seemingly reached its pinnacle.
    • But I do think consumerism is the biggest religion in dominant culture today.
    • The thrust of this year's volume is the ecological impact of consumerism and consumption.
    • The poor are happily persuaded that consumerism will soon become accessible to them.
    • The widening opportunities for consumerism and shopping enhanced the scope for women to make decisions and spend money.
  • 2

    (consumer protection)
    protección al consumidor femenino
    • Rudawski's research interests include consumerism and higher education faculty diversity.
    • In turn, this has fueled the emergence of a new consumer drive, vigilante consumerism.