Translation of consuming in Spanish:


devorador, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsumɪŋ/ /kənˈsjuːmɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (passion) devorador
    (interest) arrollador
    (interest) absorbente
    • As a child, little secrets can seem like all consuming mountains.
    • A more novel sentiment is my lack of consuming gloom at the prospect of the Tories back in power.
    • De Valera need never again appeal to America for assistance in his mad ambition to satisfy his consuming vanity.
    • In those days, the hate was all consuming, he recalls.
    • Bizarre behaviour, considering they had only ever known me as a man with a consuming sense of mission.
    • They need to assure themselves of a stable existence, and their drive for material security can become all consuming.
    • This continued study of Los Lunas is open ended, and can be a consuming addiction resulting in more questions than answers.
    • In my former life grace was a mystery limited to regeneration, now it's simply amazing and all consuming.
    • It is true that I made the first advances; but then you fed the consuming fire.
    • Sylvia told me that her previous feelings for Tom were so consuming that she lost herself to them.
    • So consuming that even in the dark hours it defines us.
    • As such, the film is a cross cultural comparison of consuming intimacy and living intimacy.
    • The matrimonial proceedings had been all consuming for Ms. Miller and had prevented her from considering a return to the workforce.
    • yay!) and I both have very consuming jobs that we're passionate about and that often have opposite schedules.