Translation of consummate in Spanish:


consumado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsəmət/ /ˈkɒns(j)əmət/ /kənˈsʌmət/


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    (actor/politician/liar) consumado
    with consummate mastery con consumada maestría
    • The Mughal artists were superb craftsmen and their draughtsmanship and use of colour showed consummate skill.
    • Eddie, who graced many hurling fields with his consummate skills in the 1960s and 70s, is truly one of the hurling ‘greats’ and a fine gentleman too.
    • All played the instrument with the most consummate skill.
    • Ditzy PA's, lads, louts, and starlets, John Ullyatt and John Kirkpatrick portrayed them all with aplomb, heart, and consummate skill.
    • Forster, who has always written fiction with the consummate skills of a social historian, says that diaries often explode the concept of ‘ordinariness’.
    • A better PM, with the persuasive skills which a consummate politician should have could have at his command, evolved a consensus.
    • The whirlwind paced action inherently requires meticulous timing and control, which the cast display with consummate verve and flair.
    • Watt's debt to Ingres is clear in the subtle handling of tonal shifts, depiction of lush designs and, not least, her consummate skill with oils.
    • He used his talents for the smoke-filled room to head a minority government with consummate political skill.
    • Nixon was a consummate liar, but he was by no means alone for he was operating on the belief that very different standards of morality apply to those in power.
    • Through his consummate technical skill and artistic vision, Botticelli brings this heroic progress brilliantly and miraculously to life.
    • At any rate, Ekeus cannot have it both ways: Kamel cannot be both ‘a consummate liar’ and a prime witness at the same time.
    • But he does, as well as a range of other noises which he throws in with consummate elegance and wit.
    • They are the consummate show band, highly skilled musicians with theatrical flair, and their live shows are sure to be an explosive and unforgettable experience.
    • How can he recover as the consummate talent he is?
    • He's a consummate politician, skilled at spinning his own legends.
    • In concert Glenn Tilbrook is that rare breed of consummate musician, ultimate professional and all-round fun guy.
    • The performances in one of his earliest plays, are as you would expect, very polished and played with consummate ease.
    • He took great and justifiable pride in his trucking skills and was recognized as the consummate professional by his peers.
    • This all-popular group comprises three gifted artistes, Rene, Julot and Lolo, who are not only consummate performers but also perfectionists as acrobats.

transitive verb

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