Translation of consumptive in Spanish:


tísico, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsəm(p)tɪv/ /kənˈsʌm(p)tɪv/


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    tísico dated
    • A dark gray complexion indicates prolonged stagnation of blood such as a consumptive disease with blood deficiency accompanied by menoplania or amenia.
    • It can also be used as an auxiliary treatment for consumptive disease, asthma and diabetes.
    • A fearless and ambitious entrepreneur named Nathan Cross moves with his consumptive wife and two sons to the little town of Defiance, Missouri in 1874.
    • Woolsey, also consumptive, either miscarried or had to terminate each pregnancy for health reasons.
    • His face, almost in profile, shows a high coloring that is close to feverish and no doubt reflects his consumptive state.


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    tísico masculine dated
    tísica feminine dated
    • He sat behind a walnut desk and could treat every sickness you could name and plenty you couldn't; more impressively, he kept his consumptives alive each year.
    • She performs abortions in secret, supports suffrage, and caters to consumptives and TB sufferers when few other boarding-house establishments will take them.
    • But happily that doesn't mean that it or the hotel is full of spluttering Keatsian consumptives nor that the spa is especially clinical in feel.
    • He puts his hand to his brow, in the manner of a tragic consumptive.
    • This image, in turn, stood in stark opposition to that of the deformed, graceless, debilitated scoliotic girl and to that of the languid, listless, and useless conspicuous consumptive.