Traducción de contemporaneous en Español:


Pronunciación /kənˌtɛmpəˈreɪniəs/ /kənˌtɛmpəˈreɪnɪəs/ /kɒnˌtɛmpəˈreɪnɪəs/


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    • Unlike most fiction of the period, contemporaneous dates are emphasized.
    • The overview referred to the previous month and was not wholly consistent with the tenor of the contemporaneous log for that period.
    • So measuring these elements will indicate if a group of bones are contemporaneous or of different periods.
    • It is apparent that this note was not strictly contemporaneous in that it also refers to events which occurred later in the day.
    • Mr Flynn provided the Tribunal with records of the phone calls and a copy of contemporaneous notes taken.
    • At that meeting there was agreement in principle as to matters recorded by Mr Crossley in a contemporaneous manuscript note.
    • Mr Lipman also produces his contemporaneous note recording the remark.
    • All focus group discussions were transcribed and annotated with contemporaneous field notes.
    • Mr. Ellice produced a contemporaneous note he claimed to support his version.
    • Ultimately, history is contemporaneous with the present, in the form of karmas by which all actions of the past live in the now.
    • We don't know, but it appears that it was made in contemporaneous time.
    • Following a planned visit to Italy to study the Baroque in art and the contemporaneous advances in medicine, Young intends to settle in Glasgow.
    • The parallels to contemporaneous avant-garde film-makers and artists is striking.
    • Archaeologists are extremely cautious about making causal links between contemporaneous events.
    • Well, it would have been cooler and so much more contemporaneous to like this album way back then.
    • It is also corroborated by most of the other contemporaneous documentary evidence.
    • So that is a contemporaneous update, your Honour, of present psychological state.
    • Both frameworks are described in the context of the contemporaneous social and political background.
    • Finding contemporaneous material to accompany old movies is a challenge, I understand.
    • It uses contemporaneous measures of both the cyclical unemployment rate measure and of inflation.