Traducción de contempt en español:


desprecio, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈtɛm(p)t/

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    desprecio masculino
    desdén masculino
    he felt nothing but contempt for them no sentía más que desprecio / desdén por ellos
    • he treated her with contempt la trataba con desprecio / desdén
    • to be beneath contempt ser despreciable / deleznable
    • It observes that the disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts that have outraged the conscience of mankind.
    • Aquinas believed good law must be enforceable, otherwise it would be disregarded and risk causing contempt for all laws.
    • Demands for respect while showing contempt for the religions and cultures of others has denied them any empathy for their perceived grievances.
    • Their contempt for human life and disregard for the principle of non-combatant immunity stem not from despair and anger, but from nihilism.
    • On the other hand the youth, like many others of his ilk these days, shows total disregard and contempt for authority of any kind.
    • But his prickly sense of slighted dignity and obsessive contempt for other people's ethical squalor inevitably drags him down.
    • If the Government refuses to introduce changes now, it will be demonstrating its contempt for democracy, public concern and animal welfare.
    • This power, exercised politically for far too long, has added to the public's contempt for the honours that are now made.
    • Really, how can the media deny that they have utter contempt for the public?
    • In the bars he'd frequented as a cowboy hotshot, the elite stance involved a certain relaxed contempt for the flesh.
    • What standard of measuring respect or contempt for human life should we use in making these judgments?
    • This arrogance and contempt for public opinion must be curbed.
    • How would he respond to the charge that his book expresses a certain contempt for the public?
    • His contempt for the audience is only slightly less pronounced than his loathing of himself for being (in his own eyes) a phony and a sell-out.
    • They have bad manners, contempt for authority and no respect for older people.
    • These proposals seem to express an element of contempt for pet owners.
    • We have reached a point where people feel contempt for the government but do not yet trust the opposition.
    • Certainly they show a fanatic's contempt for the law.
    • Well, I think his father had a certain contempt for the public relations factor in the presidency.
    • The statement showed contempt for the public education system - its students, teachers and communities.
    • Most Britons greeted this fraud with the scorn and contempt it deserves.
    • Just another scenario where caring for someone close to me gets me nothing by contempt, scorn and hate in return.
    • Later, I decided that I deserved his contempt, and I hated myself for what I had written.
    • These twentieth century cannibals deserve the greatest scorn and contempt from all workers and humanitarians!
    • The result of releasing these photographs would be, most likely, initial shock followed by disgust, contempt and repugnance.
    • If we can also apply this kind of contempt and scorn to people who, say, kill police officers, we'll really get somewhere.
    • In this day and age it is hard to believe that people can be held up to hatred, ridicule and contempt by a light-hearted gossip paragraph.
    • This was a slap in the face to those rulers: a challenge, contempt and scorn for them, as if they are mere flies or dung beetles!
    • Instead of tail-wagging gratitude, I was greeted with a look of utter contempt and scorn.
    • They look upon it as a thing of contempt and scorn people who swear by virtual relationships.
    • They're just wanting to exert their authority and treat Territorians with total contempt.
    • Given this kind of attitude it is hardly surprising that increasingly local politics is held in total contempt.
    • The woman looked at them with total contempt, as if they were something she would wipe off her shoe.
    • I flinched as I heard her frosty voice tinged with bitter scorn and contempt.
    • The first five were friends from school teasing him in fun or scorning him with contempt.
    • Watch out for scorn, sarcasm, ridicule and contempt and inappropriate humour.
    • But there are others who deserve not pity but contempt.
    • Any company that treats its customers with such contempt deserves to go out of business, many said.
    • But surely my discourse is not of such repulse that I am deserving of their contempt.
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    contempt (of court) desacato al tribunal
    • he was in contempt of court había cometido desacato al tribunal