Traducción de contemptible en español:


despreciable, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtɛm(p)təb(ə)l/ /kənˈtɛm(p)tɪb(ə)l/

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    • It is not possible to treat others with respect when we act in a way that says that who they are or what they believe makes them worthless or contemptible as human beings.
    • Either way, the two men represent all that is vile and contemptible about American politics.
    • Alas there is no reason why the most odious, contemptible people might not be able to make the sweetest, most wonderful creations.
    • The criminals who prey on the elderly are the lowest of the low - contemptible cowards whose targets are the frail and solitary.
    • On at least three occasions the way you treated this girl was cowardly and contemptible.
    • Cynics have sneeringly dismissed the latter role as that of a messenger boy, as if there were something contemptible about messenger boys.
    • SIR - People talk about contempt of court, but the truth is that courts themselves are contemptible by the silly sentences they hand out.
    • They fight to be true to themselves and good to others, and perhaps out of hatred for the sheer contemptible venality of capital's favorites.
    • This I find to be contemptible because it is the result of an activity dissimilar to smoking, but also because it implies that smoking in public should banned.
    • Instead we have a government that seems determined to be re-elected by scaremongering and it's utterly contemptible.
    • This does not rate a reply, it is so contemptible.
    • Back to the contemptible hive of infamy from which you came!
    • To mischaracterize and attack an organization whose sole mission is to end harassment is contemptible.
    • Though a rock star, he found most rock music contemptible and really wanted to be a jazz and symphonic composer.
    • It can only be seen as a professor's contemptible effort to bully a student with whose politics he disagrees.
    • Our proud ancestors repelled the invaders, but their contemptible descendants are sided with the invaders.
    • It does not refrain from resorting to all methods, using all evil and contemptible ways to achieve its end.
    • If he does, his failure to spell this out is contemptible.