Traducción de contented en español:


de satisfacción, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtɛn(t)əd/ /kənˈtɛntɪd/


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    (sigh/purr) de satisfacción
    (person/workforce) satisfecho
    to be contented with sth contentarse / conformarse con algo
    • Surely you can't have more than one quiet, smiling, happy and contented day in a row?
    • She was a very jolly and contented person with a hearty laugh.
    • He laughed and smiled a contented, beautiful smile.
    • her mother, her bright, contented smile lighting up her face.
    • And there was a very happy and contented smile on both of them.
    • Nailed in the walls were portraits of her four elder brothers, and their happy contented smiles.
    • It all sounds rather blissful in a contented, domestic way that would have seemed unimaginable some years ago.
    • Amazingly, Euan is a smiley, contented baby, despite all his health problems.
    • With her bright eyes and contented expression it's hard to believe that Milly the fox had a brush with death.
    • Slinking back into his chair, Moby takes another deep breath and allows himself a small and somewhat contented smile.
    • The break has seemed to have been of great benefit to all the players and Barnes wore the smile of a contented man after the game.
    • There's something about him… he's always so contented and carefree.
    • The fact is that he sounds so, well, jolly contented, and perhaps a bit of lonely yearning would have made the material a little more challenging and rewarding.
    • Macy watched him with a contented grin on her face, as he closed the door.
    • I felt like a huge burden had been lifted, and replaced by a thrilled, yet contented feeling.
    • A cheerful and contented audience hit the streets at twenty to eleven, heading for car parks, bus stops and the railway station.
    • As he pulled away, I could see that peaceful, sleepy grin of the truly contented on her face.
    • They wish her many more contented years in health and happiness and pay tribute to a noble lady who possesses sterling qualities.
    • she finished, giving a sheepish grin at her sister, who responded with a contented smile.
    • And when you're done, smile a contented smile and cherish the thought that you have another serving for lunch the next day.