Translation of contest in Spanish:


concurso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnˌtɛst/ /ˈkɒntɛst/

Definition of concurso in Spanish


  • 1

    Games concurso masculine
    Sport competencia feminine Latin America
    Sport competición feminine Spain
    (in boxing) combate masculine
    • It is also the outcome of the calculated political manipulation of the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.
    • Watching the Conservative Party leadership contest, political neutrals are unsure whether to laugh or cry.
    • Then, presidential candidates can't ignore the early political contests in New Hampshire and Iowa, or can they?
    • Eight days to what people in Iowa like to call the first real political contest in the presidential election.
    • Political contests are battles of ideas - and a slick campaign will not work without values and content at its heart.
    • Left leaning proponents of the precautionary principle need to think carefully about how they would fare in political contests over their favorite social policies.
    • After all, this may be one of the most interesting contests in recent American political history.
    • He asks which of them will take the decisive initiative in the next round of political contests.
    • We'll get heartily sick of these two issues over the next three months but, for now, both introduce wonderful novelty to the political contest.
    • But we had a clear understanding between ourselves that there was a distinction between the political contest and the personal friendship.
    • I think most regard such lunges for underdog status, at least in relation to a political contest, as a byword.
    • Postcolonial criticism bears witness to the unequal and uneven forces of cultural representation involved in the contest for political and social authority within the modern world order.
    • As political contests sink further into the gutter of abuse, public cynicism about and alienation from politics can only intensify.
    • Or at least that is the message that is being broadcast 24 hours a day as the contest for the new position of Mayor heats up.
    • Third, critics will say eliminating the limits on contributions would lead to more corruption in political contests.
    • Presidential contests differ from other types of political races.
    • It has grown up out of the political contests which have raged from time to time about currency questions.
    • Here the political contest had a national dimension.
    • This dilute corporatism does not exclude a contest of political parties.
    • They could then reduce the political contest to one between core, politically active constituencies.
    • Festivals are based on contests and events such as poetry readings, sports, and other activities.
    • The technical events include quiz contests, an on-the-spot hardware design contest and a hardware debugging contest.
    • Over 25 events, including contests, classes and fun games, will be held.
    • The deputy mayor added that there will be games, including a tug-o-war on the beach, eating contests and numerous other events open to residents and tourists.
    • College games prove to be more predictable than professional contests in the same sport.
    • As with regular rodeo events, the sponsor contest involved three days of competition before the winner was announced on the last day.
    • Visitors will get a chance to win discount coupons by participating in musical activities and spot contests.
    • Other regular events include elocution contests, fine arts competitions and debates.
    • Pilots will compete in contests including an air trial of local landmarks.
    • The fact that the two teams could only manage six scores between them in half an hour gives some measure of the quality of the contest.
    • Ironically, the arrival of the breakthrough goal signalled the end of a quality contest.
    • The programme includes exhibitions, concerts, films and visiting guests, round tables, workshops, contests and many other events.
    • It's one of the myths of sport that international contests create goodwill between the competing nations.
    • The following afternoon, the remainder of the events took place, and they varied from a tug-of-war contest to a game of Trivial Pursuit.
    • Bent on making it a grand event, outshining such contests held in the previous years in the city, the event is expected to take off in a big way.
    • Special performances, exhibitions, lectures, contests, charity events, tourist visits and creative meetings will mark the celebration.
    • Eight out of the nineteen events were contests.
    • Those range from digital newsletters to online forums to contests to relevant activities encouraging customer loyalty and participation.
    • It is celebrated on the last weekend in July, and includes a mass and picnic, music, dancing, and sports contests.
    • The Romans also had other events during the gladiatorial contests.
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    (struggle, battle)
    lucha feminine
    contienda feminine
    the fight wasn't much of a contest la pelea no estuvo muy reñida
    • it was no contest el resultado estaba cantado
    • do you think they're a better team? — oh, no contest ¿te parecen un equipo mejor? — hombre, ni comparación
    • Part B concentrates on such contests and disputes, exploring them more systematically than did the prior materials.
    • I don't at this stage, and I never have thought, that it's constructive to characterise it as a conflict or a contest.
    • The contest over tropes of traditional Africa and measures of authenticity in postcolonial arts and politics can be thought of in a similar manner.
    • Thus the struggle for legitimacy and recognition is not only a contest between traditional authorities and state actors.
    • After a rough and disputed contest - the aluminium industry was notorious for its murders and gangsterism - he won.
    • Everything said makes it possible to conclude that armed struggle is truly the main form of contest in military conflicts and their specific content.
    • Leading the charge are two of our finest and bravest warriors and I just hope that the contest can be resolved without recourse to conflict.
    • Participants must agree to arbitration outside of the US court system for conflicts arising from this contest.
    • Hence, the contests were not resident-intruder situations and not merely boundary disputes.
    • In contrast, the pragmatic policy, consistent with his own perception of the conflict, viewed the war purely as a military contest.
    • Thus, it appeared that any minor conflict might quickly escalate into a nuclear contest and lead to the destruction of much of Europe in the process.
    • Nobody can take part in the traditional European contest for possession after the tackle if his nose is more than 6in off the ground.
    • Street fights, and other contests sometimes developed between workers in guilds that maintained traditional rivalries.
    • This paper assesses, and contests, the long tradition of attacks on the use of invented sentences in language teaching.
    • Rather, it's a return to the traditional geopolitical contest.
    • Directors have turned the traditional good versus evil contest into the screen classics.
    • Stalin had not selected his closest subordinates with a view to their forming a closely knit band of brothers, and this meant that the contest for power would not be purely a matter of conflicting policies.
    • Thus, these special units really just reduce the conflict into a tit for tat contest.
    • In such a contest the traditional discomfort associated with the mogul can be put to one side because it serves a greater good.
    • Some deputies last night said they still hoped that at least one of the four would withdraw to rein in a contest all hope will avoid conflict.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (allegation) refutar
    (will) impugnar
    he contested the umpire's decision protestó contra la decisión del árbitro
    • So it contests the theory of evolution while also accommodating much of the theories?
    • National threatens to dismantle workers rights to contest dismissal and also seek to reduce holiday entitlements.
    • None of the allegations made by the former pupils were contested.
    • Whitely was contested by his former wife and also his live in companion.
    • Since Paul, 60, and Lurline, 63, each had a previous marriage, the trusts also prevents former spouses from contesting their assets in court.
    • Let's consider the facts surrounding the death of David, as opposed to the bitterly contested evidence.
    • In other words, the cases were substantial enough that the nurses didn't even contest the allegations or seek a less severe discipline than surrender.
    • The German authorities applied this decision, refusing the customs exemption, and the applicant sought to contest this before the national court.
    • He has as yet not had an opportunity to defend himself against the criminal charges nor to contest the dismissal in an academic proceeding.
    • He is a bigwig and has many contacts, as I discovered when I tried to get a lawyer later to contest his dismissal.
    • As a result, we seem to traffic in such meanings even when we seek to contest them.
    • The problem here is that ‘identity’ is one of the most contested concepts in post-structural social theory.
    • That is to say, matters ranging from training methods to nutrition to contest results.
    • I do not think it was so much a question of contesting the issue, but the fact was that there was no choice about the matter.
    • At this point, in the United States, that is a legally contested question and that contest may take several years to fully play out in the Courts.
    • They sought to contest the illegality of their situation by means of this citizen participation.
    • His essay ‘Our America’ sought to contest the cultural and linguistic destiny of America as a signifier.
    • At the same time they also do not possess the means to question and contest such representations.
    • The violator is then given an opportunity to respond, defend the content in question and contest the size of the fine.
    • My own answers to those other questions can certainly be contested.
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    (election) presentarse como candidato a
    a hotly contested election unas elecciones muy reñidas
    • six candidates were contesting the seat seis candidatos se disputaban el escaño
    • The party's general council decided following the last election they would contest the next poll as an independent party, a spokesperson said.
    • Methodology was contested in the election of eight senators out of a total of 7,500 posts filled.
    • After the Russian troops left Chechnya by 1997, he contested the presidential election there.
    • According to the presidential election law, a party must win at least 3 percent of House seats or 5 percent of the vote to contest the presidential election.
    • No one has any real doubt about who's won Egypt's first contested presidential election.
    • Together, they campaigned for the right to contest the presidential election scheduled for December 1990.
    • He was minister for health from 1954 to 1957 and contested the presidential elections of 1966 and 1973.
    • But by 1800, contested presidential elections were a regular feature of American government.
    • ‘I could easily see a situation where we would not contest a presidential election,’ said the source.
    • ‘There is no internal pressure to contest the presidential election,’ one source said.
    • The party is now preparing to contest Portugal's presidential election, which is due to be held in January next year.
    • This is because it could force nationalist opposition parties to share a pro-euro platform with Labour while contesting a parliamentary election campaign.
    • A number of NU leaders are contesting the presidential election.
    • The Progressive Democrats are not contesting the European elections but the party is running 127 candidates in the local elections, compared to 62 in 1999.
    • Six candidates are contesting the election from Labour, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party and the Green Party, as well as one independent.
    • It's bad enough now with 25 parties contesting the general election.
    • So you have a very large number of contractors contesting elections.
    • The two candidates then contest the general election.
    • Let them take to active campaigning now, contest the elections next time, and later perhaps, even become Ministers.
    • Jones returned and contested the general election unsuccessfully…