Translation of contextualize in Spanish:


contextualizar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈtɛks(t)ʃ(u)əˌlaɪz/ /kənˈtɛkstʃʊəlʌɪz/

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transitive verb

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    • The highly situated and situational nature of service learning requires that teacher-scholars in this field contextualize our studies and findings.
    • This will provide an overall context for each national case study and will help contextualize the use of Internet technology by environmental groups.
    • Nonetheless, the basis is established for a sustained and contextualised study of agency, activists, organisation, process, strategy and tactics.
    • Even as the authors provide captions conveying artists' descriptions of the works, they fail to adequately contextualize these captions.
    • This book contextualizes women who have been out there since before queer theory but without confining them in any way.
    • The book contextualizes the slave trade and makes clear that the U.S. was not the only place where Africans were enslaved in the New World.
    • Students are also asked to describe the impact the book had on them in terms of perceptions regarding spirituality and how it was contextualized by the book's author.
    • Michael also reviewed many books for the journal, combining speed of turnaround, with incisiveness and a broad understanding of transport history with which to contextualise the book reviewed.
    • Moreover, they fail to contextualize Artemisia's experience and uncritically assume that the rape and trial were the most consequential events of the artist's long life.
    • She rightfully takes exception to New Zealand texts, which purport to democratise the understanding of war but fail to contextualise women's experiences.
    • His last speech and his death are theatrical moments beyond all reason and expectation; his words define and contextualise his action as martyrdom, not suicide.
    • Newman ushered the study of church history into modernity in England by contextualizing it with the concerns of modernity, yet he did so with heresy as the backdrop.
    • Qualitative inquiry, on the other hand, through use of methods such as unstructured or semistructured interviews, provides a way to study subjectivity as socially and culturally contextualized experience.
    • Can there not be studies that explore, complicate, flesh out, or contextualize this central narrative with new insights and evidence?
    • More importantly, Lamont is exceptionally skillful at contextualizing the incident, and integrating the larger issues with the day-to-day events as they unfolded.
    • Reynolds, first of all, does a superb job of contextualizing the episode, of making it clear that during the struggle over statehood violence was everywhere employed.
    • And artists (as well as their curators) find ways of contextualizing their work in the models of science and history of religion.
    • It always amazes me when I find a picture that contextualizes my thoughts, when I find truth in that cliché about a picture and a thousand words.
    • It is particularly important, when considering the issue of media literacy, to appreciate that the question of technology needs to be contextualized in terms of wider cultural and political contexts.
    • And finally, I may also forget to include key information that would help to contextualize a given situation.