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contiguo, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtɪɡjuəs/ /kənˈtɪɡjʊəs/

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    • Geographically my State is contiguous with both of them.
    • No other farms are contiguous with High House Farm.
    • In 1998, in an area contiguous with the reserve, the Development Reserve was created.
    • Because all study sites were contiguous with larger expanses of tallgrass prairie, they were not prairie fragments.
    • In contrast, Wyoming is contiguous with six states but has only two other state capitals within 500 miles.
    • The study was conducted in El Paso, Texas, which is contiguous with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
    • Not really tied in all too closely with modesty because these statues are contiguous with nude statues exploring the beauty of the human form.
    • The continental United States is contiguous with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.
    • Thus, spatial heterogeneity in predation pressure is common in both fragmented and contiguous landscapes.
    • In a second step, clusters merge into a contiguous zone at the cell border that spreads and gives rise to actin waves traveling on a planar membrane.
    • It is contiguous to a scrub shrub/emergent wetland and bordered to the east by an evergreen forested wetland complex.
    • They come from a nation contiguous to the U.S. with a long and porous border.
    • This has been mooted taking into account that a few places in the nearby villages beyond marsh are contiguous to the marsh.
    • The ideal is for married children to live near their parents, at least in the same city, if not in the same neighborhood or on a contiguous lot.
    • From an ecological point of view, the park should have encompassed contiguous biodiversity-rich forest tracts that cut across even states.
    • These valleys form part of a magnificent expanse of contiguous pristine valleys-a complex of giant trees unparalleled on Vancouver Island.
    • It is a reasonable supposition on our part therefore to consider that, if escorted back to the edge of the contiguous zone, vessels would return to Indonesia.
    • But to be defensible, land must be contiguous; it cannot be cut through by a grid controlled by an occupying power.
    • Albanians live in a contiguous area in at least four states.
    • Under this scheme, tribes and migrants were jointly allotted land for agricultural operations in contiguous areas.