Translation of continental breakfast in Spanish:

continental breakfast

desayuno continental, n.


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    (desayuno de café o té y bollos con mantequilla y mermelada) desayuno continental masculine
    • We are providing a choice of a cooked breakfast or a continental breakfast and are hoping people will pop in.
    • Toasts, breads, bagels, continental breakfasts, pates, soups and baguettes presented themselves for our consideration.
    • This includes a continental breakfast - an Irish breakfast is €3 extra.
    • There's a continental breakfast buffet if you're hungry, as well.
    • After they all went through the lines and had loaded their plates with a somewhat continental breakfast, everyone was feasting quickly, grateful for the relief from fast food.
    • The Women's Hospital serves a continental breakfast for most new mothers, allows for more flexible breakfast times and provides larger portions of food than on a regular tray.
    • Traditionally, meals were patterned after Spanish custom: a continental breakfast, a large midday meal, and a modest supper.
    • A continental breakfast and a chilled gourmet dinner are included.
    • Dad reports back in a few minutes: the manager had argued that our meal had indeed been a full continental breakfast.
    • Travellers staying in the hotel's executive floor can access the Executive Lounge and get complimentary continental breakfasts, afternoon tea and evening drinks.
    • Between this and the continental breakfast they're serving in the hotel, I'm going to be almost set as far as chow goes.
    • What's funny is that, although we offer a European continental breakfast, people come in early in the morning and eat steak instead.
    • No scurvy on this ship: All kinds of fresh fruits and juices, fresh croissants and muffins, and yogurt make a substantial continental breakfast.
    • The popular student program on Wednesday, April 6, will begin with a continental breakfast and networking session at 8: 15 AM.
    • And we are in luck - they serve a continental breakfast.
    • A modest continental breakfast is an added option at €6.50, but you might want to put the money towards something more substantial in the neighbourhood.
    • There's a limited room service available via the restaurant next door, and a continental breakfast is also available in-room.
    • Registration and a continental breakfast begin at 8 a.m. Friday.
    • We went for our continental breakfast around this time, and had no conversation with our table mates.
    • The exhibit floor opens at 8 am - at which time there is a continental breakfast served, until 9 am.