Traducción de continental shelf en español:

continental shelf

plataforma continental, n.


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    plataforma continental femenino
    • We live on a small island that stands on the continental shelf, a shallow area of seabed that joins Britain to mainland Europe.
    • The continental shelf is a relatively shallow area of seabed over which a great deal of marine life is found.
    • The continental slope connects the continental shelf and the oceanic crust.
    • Although it is commonly found in tropical inshore areas along continental shelves and island terraces, it has been seen as deep as 330 meters.
    • They forage on the open ocean over the continental shelf and farther out to sea.
    • Green represents land above water at this time, red indicates mountains, light blue indicates shallow seas of the continental shelves, and dark blue denotes the deep ocean basins.
    • They were formed mainly in the relatively shallow waters of continental shelves by chemical or biochemical precipitation.
    • Offshore orcas are seldom in protected inshore waters, spending most of their time in the open ocean on the continental shelf.
    • Glacial periods result in lowered ocean levels, while interglacial periods result in a rise in ocean levels, covering the continental shelf with shallow seas.
    • The northern area displays an irregular continental shelf, which forms part of an extensive system of volcanic banks.
    • Because they are so shallow - typically less than 300 meters deep - continental shelves are very susceptible to the variations in sea level caused by the waxing and waning of the ice sheets.
    • Dark blue indicates deep ocean basins, while light blue denotes shallow seas of the continental shelf.
    • We constrained our survey to areas within the continental shelf for several reasons.
    • This study analyzes data collected on coral reefs in the Florida Keys, which is the only shallow water coral reef tract on the continental shelf of North America.
    • During ice ages long ago, sea levels plunged and the continental shelf off the shores of Vietnam turned into dry land.
    • The average depth of the major oceans, beyond the continental shelves, is between 12,000 to 20,000 feet, while some trenches are as deep or deeper than Mt. Everest is high.
    • Sea levels rose, covering the continental shelves and land bridges, splitting up and isolating populations and individual species.
    • In this context, new integrated studies on geological processes occurring on the continental shelf would seem to be a ripe area for development.
    • The infected creatures were mostly found along continental shelf breaks - areas where the ocean floor steeply drops and where krill are most abundant.
    • The usual habitat of these whales is the open ocean and the edges of continental shelves except in polar regions where they follow retreating ice edges.