Translation of continual in Spanish:


continuo, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈtɪnj(u)əl/ /kənˈtɪnjʊəl/

Definition of continuo in Spanish


  • 1

    (frequent, repeated)
    • The continual missile attacks, which are now coming closer, have opened larger fissures in the glass.
    • The Commonwealth forces, exhausted from continual air attack, pulled back.
    • One of his recurring themes is the continual questioning of reality: has the world gone mad, or have I?
    • Due to frequent upgrades, continual price cuts are necessary to shift electronic products.
    • He was a continual link between defence and attack and his covering tackling was top drawer.
    • But despite continual warnings, the girls ignored the bans and regularly returned to cause havoc.
    • Many more consumers repeatedly tried the line only to be met with a continual engaged signal.
    • The animals are a continual nuisance on beaches and at other spots frequented by tourists.
    • This is a continual problem, and ought to form part of a regular maintenance programme.
    • Neither intelligence nor courage offer a shield from the effects of the continual threat of violence.
    • The protected birds were once widespread in England but continual persecution led to their virtual extinction.
    • Then melady and I constructed a thing to avoid the need for continual communication with upcoming wedding guests.
    • Freud's answer is that we live in a continual state of temptation.
    • With continual rain during the week the lack of time available to prepare the pitches ruled out any chance of play.
    • Also they continual body weight loss into the breeding season will adversely affect fertility.
    • I live just across the road and can see from my window a continual stream of people walking towards the toilets only to find them closed.
    • Hence its 80 years of more or less continual crisis, in which the current palaver is a relatively minor squall.
    • The continual dramatic evolution of the university sector is undoubtedly going to continue.
    • Something I would like to do on a continual basis here is point to other blogs that I read.
    • I am aware that culture is created and evolving and the struggle for control and hegemony is continual.
  • 2

    • They want us to put a large force on the ground and do continual, sustained operations.
    • Not recognizing this, they undergo endless and continual suffering.
    • Rather, the process of accommodation will be ongoing, demanding continual attention and work.
    • This training process is ongoing and requires continual coaching and application.
    • This is an area where continual vigilance needs to be maintained.