Translation of contour in Spanish:


contorno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnˌtʊr/ /ˈkɒntʊə/

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  • 1

    contorno masculine
    • There is an almost abstract flavour to his creations - speedy outlines and contours take shape on the canvas as he moves about in a blur.
    • Angles and curves, shapes and contours fascinate young minds.
    • But Rosa's life is also a very modern one, its broad contours shaped by global economic forces and its details modified by individual needs and personal enterprise.
    • Previous generations of humankind have revelled in the shape, the contours of the female form, but now, women seem to be being educated towards a near-parody of what nature originally intended.
    • Open linear shapes are the contours of nurses' stations, curved forms the sine waves of various organ-function monitors.
    • Events may have been shaped to fit the contours of a film script, but the emotional truth of the situations is vividly authentic.
    • It's the shapes rather than the contours which attract us in Piero's painting.
    • He traces the trajectory of the city's industrial growth and its rising immigrant population, describing how these processes in turn shaped the contours of class formation.
    • Intensity modulated radiotherapy is a developing new technology which can produce an even distribution of radiation dose within a target volume which follows the contours of an irregularly shaped tumour.
    • As feminist theorists in the 1980s and 1990s proliferated differences in order to better represent the contours of twentieth-century life, science kept pace.
    • A thick fluffy pillow was shaped to the contours of her head.
    • We want to shape the contours of the research setting, by presenting the latest developments and by mapping the terrain of future exploration.
    • No independent existence for women outside of the patriarchal system that shaped the contours of their lives was possible.
    • Triangles provide stability and curved shapes soften the contours of objects.
    • We take for granted the unique shapes and contours of ourselves, as easily as we forget, or perhaps don't consider, our ancestry.
    • He was so perfectly shaped that all she wanted to do was trace the contours of his musculature and well formed face.
    • The painter believes that he is going beyond shapes, contours and colours.
    • The rooms have shapes and contours that seem determined to disorientate, although the overall effect is striking and seductive.
    • I traced the contours of it for a moment, wondering how much longer their dewy, life-like coloring would last.
    • The images were precisely to scale, the contours actual traces of the plants themselves.
  • 2contours plural

    curvas feminine
    • A built-in Mathematica algorithm was used to fit contours to a lattice of values calculated by numerical solution of Equation 11 and Equation 12.
    • The contours show that the steepest gradients surround the Earth and Sun, with the five Earth Lagrange Points located in equilibrium regions with relatively gentle gradient.
    • On a map without contours, two communities cut off from one another by an impassable mountain may appear as close neighbours.
    • It is noteworthy that this map closely matches the petrographic contours of the geological map.
    • When I buy a house I get out the maps and study the contours, rejecting anything where there's the slightest chance of flooding.
  • 3also contour line

    curva de nivel feminine
    cota feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Incidentally, all the car's seats are contoured and similar to those shaped for motor sport, providing all-round support.
    • Surgeons have advanced in technique to shape and contour the deeper facial tissues and resuspend them.
    • Offer quality leather that is highly contoured or very soft to conform to a woman's body.
    • Of its many versions, there's one with a deeply contoured seat that looks frightening but is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on.
    • The high back of the chair was contoured specifically to his own back.
    • The layers can be stacked like 1-millimeter-thick pages of a book, and even contoured into desired shapes prior to heating.
    • All of his handles are contoured and rounded for the ultimate in user comfort, which has become his calling card.
    • Its even more powerful appearance is reflected in a new frontal design with short body overhangs and a highly contoured rear end.
    • The seats are cloth-covered, contoured, soft, with improved back support and fold-up armrests; and passengers in standard class have an extra two inches of legroom.
    • The clip, which is contoured neatly into the pen, is also a new design.
    • In addition, they have a contoured back-supported seat that positions the user behind the pedals and 34 seat adjustment options for customization regardless of user height, according to the company.
    • The strong sense of stability is created by large-diameter wheels positioned near the extreme corners of the body and by boldly contoured shoulder lines that run from the headlamps to the rear of the body.
    • Workers need something contoured to fit them and their office aches and pains.
    • Intrinsically feminine but contoured to the way that most women look, they are made on soft fabric.
    • The outer edge is being cut to contour and then rolled into shape.
    • To circumvent this, it will be helpful if the seats are designed with a contoured shape since it will reduce or eliminate pressure points.
    • Each unit in the series has custom tubing shapes, contoured cushions and a lower profile, which combine to create a clean, contemporary look that is engaging to exercisers.
    • With a few simple steps, you can transform this classically contoured design into a comfortable gliding rocker that will last for years to come.
    • Constructed of shatter-resistant plastic, the compass has an oversized, contoured knob and an adjustable nut to accommodate pens, pencils and thin markers.
  • 2

    (road/railway) construir siguiendo las curvas del terreno
    • These roads contoured steep slopes above streams, and the aspect measured was that of the prevailing slope.
    • There were level parts contouring along the hillside where I sauntered past brilliant wildflowers or sharply aromatic herbs.
    • The route continued contouring the south coast, the border regions, and the north coast on return to Dili.
  • 3

    (map) acotar
    • It is important to note that these maps were hand contoured, and contour software packages were not used due to accuracy and availability of data in some units.
    • These spheres are then used to compute a three-dimensional density map which, when contoured, defines the surface of the gap region.
    • A full colour photograph, contoured map and additional facts about the history, geology and wildlife of the area accompany each route.
    • Detectives can then see the results on screen as a contoured two or three-dimensional map which can help them to work out where the offender may be based.
    • Data from the first and second PC and the geographical coordinates for each breed were combined and plotted as contoured geographic maps using a geostatistical griding method.