Traducción de contour map en español:

contour map

mapa acotado, n.


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    mapa acotado masculino
    mapa topográfico masculino
    • I saw your doodle today and have to say that it looks like an individual contour from a contour map of steep terrain.
    • And it's beautiful, it's as though I showed you a photograph, a beautiful contour map of the ocean floor.
    • The contour map also reveals a linear trend that runs parallel to the zone but some 40-50 km to the southeast
    • ‘You can actually do a contour map, and you can have a game plan so that you have appropriate elevation levels,’ Dr. Schafer said.
    • Each contour map is created for a specific unit.
    • When a bulldozer driver excavates a building site, he's guided by a few stakes in the ground and a contour map.
    • This is a two- or three-dimensional contour map, which, while not showing the actual structure, does give information about any repeating pattern of higher density in the structure.