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contractual, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈtræk(t)ʃ(u)əl/ /kənˈtraktʃʊəl/

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    derivado del contrato
    • The injunction we seek is not one that in any way interferes with existing contractual rights or obligations.
    • But as the speech of Lord Goff demonstrates, that contractual obligation is of little utility.
    • These are serious breaches of contractual obligations, the company maintains.
    • The current government, as well as regulators, have been trying to find a way out of their contractual obligations.
    • A sharp rise in contractual obligations could, de facto, wipe out his precarious autonomy.
    • We agreed to co-operate with and assist you to comply with your contractual obligations with regard to the defect.
    • The term also refers to contractual stipulations either implied by law or expressly mandated by the contracting parties.
    • We would be obliged if you would revise your Minutes to reflect this contractual requirement.
    • And in that respect, all the churches can do is to impose contractual sanctions.
    • It has also imposed contractual terms that do not permit either bidder to reveal those bids.
    • It was more economically rational to employ forces as and when required on a contractual basis.
    • He did what he had to do, and that was to redesign the viaduct such that it could be built and would comply with the contractual requirements.
    • That contract imposes a similar, contractual duty to exercise reasonable skill and care in relation to the design.
    • A person who enters into a binding contract acquires contractual rights that are created by the contract.
    • The duties owed by the pastor to the church are not contractual or enforceable.
    • Desmond's remedy would be the recovery of the rifle, not the right to enforce contractual payment.
    • He did not think it could change and saw it as a binding contractual commitment.
    • The general approach to construction of contractual documents is not in doubt.
    • These contractual agreements create a delivery right and an obligation for members.
    • The frequency of renegotiation is troubling because the contractual changes often are not desirable.