Traducción de contradiction en español:


contradicción, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑntrəˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/ /kɒntrəˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/

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    contradicción femenino
    • And the judge very obviously was struggling with the clear contradiction between those two ideas today.
    • Neither side has a monopoly on either good ideas or glaring contradictions.
    • The mass of contradictions in statements means someone is lying, he said.
    • But there is a great contradiction between these chauvinistic ideas and what is happening in the village.
    • Because even the idea of a contradiction between science and faith was predicated on a concept of faith as a kind of profane knowledge.
    • Prosecutors said, however, they found some contradictions in their statements.
    • As you can see there is a clear contradiction in these two statements.
    • Nevertheless, these internal contradictions never came to surface until 1989.
    • Political competition within the nobility interacted with the social and economic contradictions to produce violent internal conflict.
    • And the basic contradiction is the contradiction between the doing and the denial of doing, life and death.
    • Such a coalition will melt down because of its own internal contradictions.
    • Paradoxically, the exhibition as a whole is enriched by its internal contradictions.
    • Such were the tensions and internal contradictions of his rather unhappy life that you feel relief for the man when he finally dies.
    • It is possible that this movement's internal contradictions will cause an early collapse.
    • The Hegelian dialectic attempts to grasp the totality of the system and argues that change occurs as a result of contradictions internal to that system.
    • It is beset by contradictions in the statements of Ministers.
    • It was full of misleading statements and contradictions.
    • If its existence is rejected, we reject the thing itself with all its predicates; and no question of contradiction can then arise.
    • Most likely, he saw and probably still sees no contradiction between the two objectives.
    • Actually, there is no contradiction between those positions.