Traducción de contradictory en español:


contradictorio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑntrəˈdɪkt(ə)ri/ /kɒntrəˈdɪkt(ə)ri/

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    • As a skilled political counsellor More had to display his rhetorical skills in justifying often mutually incompatible or contradictory statements and beliefs in the service of the state.
    • These studies lead to different, and often contradictory, conclusions.
    • Secular culture so often teaches us that religion and science are mutually exclusive, even contradictory, forces.
    • It is always difficult to explain to students of politics how the core concepts of liberty and equality are contradictory yet mutually constitutive.
    • They believed that their strategy not only reconciled rapid growth with equitable distribution but made these two apparently contradictory social aims mutually supporting.
    • Even within weeks, or given years, he'll go back and forth on the very same issue and express points of view that are mutually completely contradictory.
    • Indeed, one of the two main words used in English legislation, i.e., obscene, has two, mutually contradictory, legal definitions.
    • The ability of one and the same human being to hold on to quite contradictory and even sharply opposed ideas is well known and has had many celebrated illustrations.
    • He cannot, however, be forced in the name of tolerance to agree that all points of view, including those that are mutually contradictory, are equally valid.
    • Roche has attacked the heritage group over what he described as its inconsistent and contradictory attitudes towards different projects.
    • As I see it and as I think the articles in this issue indicate, these two positions are neither diametrically opposed nor contradictory.
    • Again activism and commerce are neither contradictory nor mutually exclusive.
    • On these rare occasions when people are presented with the same raw data, the two camps have managed to fashion conclusions that are not just different but almost entirely contradictory.
    • Since I believe not in mistakes, but in likes and dislikes, I find Shaw's musical judgment equally acute in both of his contradictory conclusions.
    • One wonders how all of these expansive and apparently contradictory conclusions fell within the committee's assigned sphere of responsibility.
    • Despite this, the Committee reached conclusions that are contradictory and that were not based on a comprehensive review of the available literature.
    • And when it comes to discussions about his effectiveness in playing that card, there are similarly contradictory conclusions.
    • However, subsequent studies led to contradictory conclusions.
    • But these authors reached their conclusion by ignoring the contradictory data!
    • An individual can also say contradictory things at different times.