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contralto, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈtræltoʊ/ /kənˈtraltəʊ/

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nombreplural contraltos

  • 1

    contralto femenino
    (voice/part) (before noun) de contralto
    • Julia Fordham sings in a smoky contralto that can also sweep upward to grab those higher tones when needed.
    • Handel was resolute in his recasting of an opera to suit the current performers, even moving heroines between sopranos and contraltos depending on the available cast and constantly adding new novelties to please the crowd.
    • Brought up within earshot of his aunt, the famed contralto Louise Homer, he wrote naturally for the female voice.
    • My voice was of a contralto, albeit noticeably indignant in its own frustration.
    • Veloso was so impressed by her rich, almost operatic contralto that he became her mentor and musical director, initiating the recording of her first album and its follow-up in 2000.
    • His writing for contralto or mezzo-soprano, to a text by Theocritus, is surely a masterpiece.
    • Her rich contralto, with both range and depth, is unwavering throughout this sometimes rawboned story.
    • It exists on a continuum with her other work in its carefully constructed ruminations on love bathed in her soaring contralto.
    • Her warm contralto conjured memories of adventures long past…
    • Marietta Simpson's full, rich contralto never degenerates into wobble.