Translation of contraption in Spanish:


artilugio, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈtræpʃ(ə)n/ /kənˈtrapʃ(ə)n/

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    artilugio masculine
    aparato masculine
    artefacto masculine
    how far will that old contraption take you? ¿hasta dónde vas a llegar con ese cacharro? informal
    • There are the flying machines and steam contraptions, technology from a fantastic version of the industrial age.
    • You find strange contraptions made of rubber and metal lying around in the basement.
    • Neither of them wore gear and they were using some sort of strange cardboard contraptions as nets but they were wearing skates and they had sticks in their hands.
    • For example, the machines might resemble the contraptions used by the state lottery agencies to determine winning numbers.
    • It was at least twice as big as a normal airplane hangar, with strange looking contraptions flying about.
    • Giant machines and preternatural contraptions can dominate the landscape.
    • His shoes were strange contraptions bound in metal strips and leather ties.
    • Also displayed are two power-gliders, which are two-seater contraptions powered by small engines.
    • People taking rides on giant wheels and similar contraptions should be warned that they are taking a risk.
    • Sadly, none of a myriad of ingenious contraptions, despite inventors' claims, puts forth more energy than it absorbs.
    • Fruit machines used to be pretty simple contraptions, but you'd need a mathematics degree to operate them these days.
    • At first, you might think that writing about mechanical contraptions could end up being an extremely boring and dry endeavour.
    • Undoubtedly the contraptions and apparatuses in Keaton's films are the basis for his gags.
    • The mechanised contraption rattled its way over the rolling hills.
    • The noisy contraption of an elevator stopped once it reached the bottom of the shaft.
    • Some of his contraptions do not have steering wheels and he still calls them ‘cars’.
    • No longer the wooden contraptions of yore, they are powered by large diesel sets.
    • It took old-fashioned rocket science to put the contraption into orbit on September 27 last year.
    • Bodies were needed to carry the contraption, for it had no wheels.
    • A flood light granted sight to the strangest mechanical contraption any of them had ever seen.