Translation of contrarian in Spanish:


inversor que va a contracorriente, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈtrɛ(ə)riən/ /kənˈtrɛːrɪən/


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    inversor que va a contracorriente masculine
    inversora que va a contracorriente feminine
    • Since then, bear market losses and dashed hopes have taught them to be more skeptical - which to bullish contrarians just makes this rally all the more credible.
    • Overly bullish sentiment or complacency is regarded as bearish by contrarians.
    • This guarantees that, except for rare contrarians like Ron Paul, all politicians that come before the voters every election year are going to be pushing more and more programs and handouts.
    • Market contrarians know that traditionally, these kinds of occurrences are the usual hallmarks of a major top in the oil market.
    • Revolutions throughout history have always been initiated by a small minority of highly dedicated contrarians.
    • These types of investors are also called contrarians since they are going against the common market sentiment at the time.
    • With that in mind, I generally spend a whole lot of my time perusing news sources frequented by contrarians.
    • Net interest cover should be of particular interest to contrarians, as sizeable debts are very often why many shares seem cheap.
    • The trick is finding those peaks, and contrarians have a number of ways of uncovering them.
    • Not much has changed, except to say the industry is at a low point and therefore attractive to contrarians.
    • For contrarians then, the UK market is perhaps as good a bet as any for recovery.
    • However, while the term ‘space tourism’ has gained wide acceptance, there are some contrarians out there who don't see ‘tourism’ as the best word to describe spaceflight for a broader segment of the public.
    • Neglecting the significance of the large regional differences in past temperature changes is another classic pitfall in the arguments put forward by many climate change contrarians.
    • They always take the side of the social critics, the underdogs, the people who tend to make music, the contrarians of society.
    • ‘From an intellectual point of view, these contrarians are pathetic, because there's no scientific validity to their arguments whatsoever,’ Mann says.
    • Sometimes the insane and the contrarians and the ones who are closest to suicide are the most valuable people society has.
    • The writer who has most often and most powerfully made the arguments within the establishment but against its preoccupations is Christopher Hitchens, a man who adores contrarians throughout history.
    • Of course, there would be the odd contrarians who would refuse to ‘go’, but their short lives would become even more miserable as society collapsed from the exodus.
    • And if they are going to be packaged and marketed as journalists, contrarians should be held to the same standards as any other journalists.
    • Journalists fancy themselves to be skeptics and contrarians.