Translation of contrary in Spanish:


contrario, adj.

Definition of contrario in Spanish


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    • 1.1(opposed, opposite)

      (view/opinion/conclusion) contrario
      (motion) Music en sentido opuesto
      (motion) Music en sentido contrario
      to be contrary to sth ser contrario a algo
      ir en contra de algo
      • These lower court statements do not, however, strike me as that persuasive, especially given the contrary statements by the Supreme Court.
      • In spite of contrary statements from others in the administration, Cheney is still insisting.
      • But others resist because they hold contrary beliefs about their vocation as educators.
      • He further highlighted that we can test general statements by searching for contrary instances.
      • Depending on which procedural principle one adopts, contrary answers are forthcoming.
      • There are two contrary opinions about the information.
      • He was concerned that a member of the medical profession completed two forms which gave contrary certifications in this particular case.
      • Throughout history, there have always been two contrary elements in many of the major religions of the world.
      • Once the manufacturers have a handset to offer, the networks often make contrary commercial decisions about which phones they actually approve for national release.
      • Graham forces the viewer to experience, at one and the same time, two intensely contrary feelings - deadpan irony and keen longing.
      • Critics, however, make two contrary arguments.
      • Hahn's musical personality unites two contrary impulses: youthful ardor and a patrician elegance.
      • These two approaches lead to contrary conclusions.
      • When two contrary elements are juxtaposed, the sudden surprise catches us off guard.
      • Pluralism says that it is fine for us to have different or even contrary views about religion and this does not have to be a problem.
      • As a contrast, the next chapter is devoted to the conflicting and contrary views of the Jews during the same time period.
      • Michael Fleming then pointed out that ‘there are contrary views out there’.
      • Of course, there are contrary opinions on that.
      • The economies of art move in contrary directions: the closer you are to the original creative act the smaller the returns tend to be.
      • They walked on, the brief exchange causing their moods to drift in contrary directions.
      • Arthur is always good for a contrary point of view.
      • Surprisingly, they've published a few letters to the editor saying how good the new paper looks but none putting a contrary point of view!
      • And they want the option to go out and get more information, or to seek a contrary point of view.
      • According to this contrary view, the key to uniqueness, whether in robots or human beings, is a matter of nurture or history rather than of nature.
      • But having said all of that, the very strong judicial disposition, worked out over a long time and in cases that far precede me, take a contrary view.
      • Voting with the party where a contrary belief isn't deeply held is another thing entirely!
      • The question is if one made a contrary assumption, what assumption does one make?
      • As to that, the contrary assumption is really more plausible.
      • I tried many times to phrase and re-phrase my contrary reply before finally throwing my pen down in disgust.
      • The first is that the case for natural, harmonious diversity might be overcome, if enough people decide to act on contrary assumptions.
      • I saw that the Clerk was giving you contrary advice, but I actually think the appropriate course of action, once a member calls for a vote, is for a vote to be held.
      • At the same time, however, China's economic managers were sending a contrary message.
      • Telling people how to behave is one thing, but telling them what to believe means invading every intellectual nook and cranny in order to root out contrary ideas.
      • Brown and the library board have cited no cases to us which have reached a contrary conclusion under similar facts, and we have found none.
      • In fact, several influential commentators offer a contrary assessment that links globalization to new forms of cultural expression.
      • Behind racism is a sort of double-think that renders belief in the determining importance of race immune to contrary evidence.
      • I find it hard to understand the contrary position, but I would not argue against it.
      • I'm not going to assert my contrary opinion in the face of counterveiling evidence that is sound.
      • Still, how one marshals the evidence, how one organizes and presents it, and how one treats contrary evidence are always major components of a good answer.
      • As is well known, established theories are seldom challenged by contrary evidence until a competing theory has overwhelming support.

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    (inclined to disagree)
    que siempre lleva la contraria
    con espíritu de contradicción

nounplural contraries

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    the contrary lo contrario
    • We have thirty years of evidence to prove the contrary.
    • Documented proof is available which will have to be produced to prove the contrary.
    • But if they fail to prove this it seems superfluous, and indeed illogical, to require the accused to prove the contrary on a balance of probabilities.
    • Worse, it is hard to imagine any way either to prove this or to prove the contrary.
    • If it weren't true, the US would have gleefully demonstrated the contrary.
    • He starts out by putting this in a negative way: the contrary would happen ‘very rarely’.
    • One possible interpretation of the words is that he wished to maintain the claim that children had been thrown overboard and did not want to examine evidence which might indicate the contrary.
    • But all existing evidence indicates the contrary.
    • Let us remember first and foremost that a very close election result that even necessitated a recount of the votes is the sign of democracy rather than the contrary.
    • There may be some success stories here and there, but overall, it seems to be accepted that the trend is a downwards one rather than the contrary if our results are anything to judge by.
    • So although some journalism professors may worry that military embedding is subverting the media, I would argue the contrary.
    • Some authors promote the idea that maladjustment, particularly in later life, is virtually inevitable while others argue the contrary.
    • I have never written anything to indicate the contrary.
    • All evidence to this point would indicate the contrary.
    • This was just the contrary of what all the sources were saying.
    • Any editor worth his or her salt would have taken issue with journalists if they hadn't left the chamber for such an event, rather than the contrary.
    • There is simply no legal or linguistic rule that says the contrary.
    • Well, their study may say that but the study that we've done indicates the contrary.
    • Now it appears that the infallible litmus test of whether one is on the right track is whether most people think the contrary.
    • Of course, the reality is precisely the contrary of this.