Translation of contrast in Spanish:


contraste, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnˌtræst/ /ˈkɒntrɑːst/ /kənˈtræst/ /kənˈtrɑːst/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(difference)

      contraste masculine
      there are sharp contrasts between the two characters existen marcados contrastes entre los dos personajes
      • These textures appear to have been chosen, in part, as a contrast to the sonic qualities of the sampled acoustic piano.
      • Walking to the station on Wednesday morning, the sky was a brilliant, vibrant blue, the grass an almost unnaturally intense green and the white blossom a stark contrast to it all.
      • Richard Ashton has appeared in Jack And The Beanstalk already this year, but what a contrast to this winter's pantomime engagement at York Theatre Royal.
      • Vocal solos were provided by Emma Howarth, who sang with confidence and originality, and Sacha Bell, whose slower numbers made a good contrast to the rest of the set.
      • An easy four-hour drive from either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, laid-back Melaka offers an idyllic contrast to both cities.
      • And the community itself seems locked in a time capsule - a complete contrast to the lifestyle of bustling neighbour, Amsterdam.
      • All the buildings, dating from the colonial era are painted deep yellow, which made a glorious contrast to the deepening blue sky as we clip-clopped around.
      • And Santiago was a welcome contrast to previous weeks.
      • The stance of the residents is a stark contrast to those who feel the project will give a much-needed shot in the arm to the cross-border economy.
      • As well as wanting a contemporary contrast to the old stone cottage, the site also demanded a lightweight structure to avoid further subsidence problems.
      • We have some amazing pictures of palm trees being battered by 45 mph winds, a marked contrast to identical photos taken when the sun was shining.
      • It was quite a contrast to his list of options at 22.
      • His methods were a contrast to the traditional way of ‘breaking’ horses by establishing the dominance of the human trainer.
      • The figures are a stark contrast to earlier years.
      • It sounds normal, which is a nice contrast to how it looks.
      • It makes an interesting contrast to historical fact.
      • It will be a huge contrast to how we live, and it will be a fantastic experience.
      • You could not find a greater contrast to such contemplative serenity than the National Gallery's magnificent Rubens exhibition.
      • The hotel is of a modern design, but conforming to the environment in that it does not present an immediate contrast to its surroundings.
      • Humans are discussed as arrogant and blundering, an unflattering contrast to the innocent and compassionate chimps or gorillas.

    • 1.2Art Cinema Photography

      contraste masculine
      the contrast of light and shade el contraste de luz y de sombra
      • if you adjust the contrast si regulas el contraste
      • Each object and even items of clothing were carefully chosen to assist in contrast, brightness and color calibration.
      • Everything else was in bright color, the contrast turned up.
      • Where colors meet, the contrast between them will appear more intense.
      • The effect works best with a strong color or tonal contrast or with a brightly colored subject set against a dark background.
      • Males and females appear similar, but males are brighter with more contrast in color on the head.
      • Despite the contrast of materials and color, the home's skillful siting puts it elegantly at ease in its rugged environment.
      • A slight contrast in colors and fitted lines will flatter you endlessly.
      • The pearly grey colour and rough texture forms an expressive contrast with the smooth white render.
      • In both cases, the contrast of white and color serves to highlight the power and importance of the ruler.
      • Unusual for his acrylic paintings, this work has little color contrast.
      • In daylight, a fiber optic system collects ambient light and helps ensure daytime brightness and controlled contrast.
      • Every room had just the right contrast of color and furniture.
      • Cool, light and dull colors that keep contrast to a minimum can expand a room's dimensions to appear larger than it actually is.
      • Each exploits contrast and color while elaborating motivic detail and assiduously building climaxes.
      • In fact a typeface may appear bigger with the use of contrast in color.
      • For great foliage and color contrast, plant yellow nasturtiums around the outer rim of the planter.
      • Go after less of a light/dark color contrast in untailored and unmatched styles.
      • A small font size or poor choice of color contrast may make a site hard to use.
      • On the other hand, it doesn't have detail, contrast, or color depth either.
      • He believed that painting should be concerned with contrasts, but contrasts not only of colour, but line and form.
      • Colors and flesh tones are strong and natural with very strong contrast and the picture shows no edge enhancement to speak of.
      • It is a visually impressive film, using high contrast digital photography to make the daytime burn and the nights darker than reality.
      • The picture sports gorgeous contrast that runs from sparkling whites, to inky blacks, and a myriad shades of gray in between.
      • Increasing the base exposure increases contrast in the copy negative.
      • The show has a unique visual style, embracing the lower contrast of the television medium by truncating the value range.
      • Sometimes I purposely overexpose, then bleach, in order to increase contrast.
      • In highly alkaline solutions it produces a high speed, high contrast developer suitable for process work.
      • It has the advantage of being variable contrast, and also possesses very clean whites.
      • In such a case, the second exposure merely serves to reduce overall paper contrast.
      • Traditional darkroom techniques such as adjustment of contrast and gray scale are permitted.
      • Wall sized prints without grain or noise are possible, and both resolution and contrast are outstanding.
      • It seems to work particularly well with pyro negatives, producing superb contrast and gradation.
      • Better still, try working early and late in the day, when the light is less harsh and contrast isn't such a problem.
      • It provides the coldest tone and the greatest contrast I have been able to achieve with the camera.
      • Slow shutter speed, high contrast and serendipitous symmetry made the risk well worth it.
      • Thus, we are presented with stunning back-lighting, high contrast, and sharp lines.
      • I tried to adjust the contrast on this picture because you couldn't see the swans clearly in the fog.
      • I add one drop of the various percentage solutions depending on the amount of contrast I wish to add.
      • The material and the production technology have been optimized to heighten contrast and achieve brilliance.
      • For accuracy, the images should have strong grayscale contrast between materials of different refractive indices.

  • 2

    • 2.1(different person, thing)

      to be a contrast to sb/sth contrastar con algn/algo

    • 2.2(comparison)

      comparación feminine
      • One can further continue the associations with the contrasts of righteousness and wrongdoing, life and death and the like.
      • One of the contrasts between the different Indian calendars relate to their respective religious associations.
      • No typological or technological contrasts were noted between different site phases.
      • Only the contrasts in density between different rock types are important for modelling.
      • This confirms a striking electoral contrast between the US and western Europe, including Britain.
      • These wonderfully peaceful footpaths make for easy walking and offer a tranquil sojourn from which to appreciate the contrasts of this island.
      • Visiting this mysterious island of rich contrasts might mean travelling long distances, but a few days there produce lasting memories.
      • It's such an island of contrasts, and it is remote, it's remote geographically from all continents.
      • In contrast to these associations, there was no correlation between leaf and cell width, nor between leaf and cell length.
      • But I think it's the contrasts and the contradictions of the opportunities that London presents which make it so appealing.
      • It's all about contrasts and contradictions - the smart and the scruffy, the rough and the smooth.
      • What has really struck me is the amazing contrast between events far away and events close to home.
      • Warm melodic figures are juxtaposed with harsher percussive patterns, setting up some fascinating contrasts in sound.
      • We now see it as a place of environmental damage and chronic water problems, in contrast to earlier generations, who saw it in a more romantic guise.
      • It was also associated with the domestic, in contrast to the male, and very public, associations of coffee and coffeehouses.
      • The deliberate contrast between moving forward and moving backwards creates a clear juxtaposition.
      • The second building can be distinguished by its plain windows, in contrast to the multi-paned windows in the earlier building.
      • The contrast between the two - and what this contrast says about the men in their lives - should be stark.
      • The contrast between the two men couldn't be more distinct.
      • Golf is generally considered a game for the upper classes, in contrast to fishing, which can be enjoyed by anybody with access to a rod and stream.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to contrast sth/sb with sth/sb comparar algo/a algn con algo/algn
    it's interesting to contrast the two styles es interesante contrastar / comparar los dos estilos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to contrast with sth contrastar con algo
    • The fat and salt levels in many own-brand products contrasted with those of well known brands.
    • As consort she supplied the human touch that contrasted with the more austere image and personality of her husband.
    • Its big plain glass windows contrasted with the dark glass of pubs which were designed to prevent people seeing in.
    • This addition sharply contrasted with the previously open plan of the house.
    • My statement then silenced everyone and the truth was that it totally contrasted with how I felt.
    • The cultural aspects of the introduction of tea to Europe contrasted with those of cacao and coffee.
    • The light and happy scene contrasted with his dark and aching heart; he started to turn away.
    • His sandy blonde hair contrasted with his dark tanned skin, implying that he was at the beach often.
    • Her wavy hair was a dark brown that contrasted with her pale skin and brought out her shockingly blue eyes.
    • They were a deep green that contrasted with her hair and made them stand out.
    • A thick murky dust covered its surface and contrasted with the radiance of the moat below.
    • This might not seem like a ringing endorsement of war, but it contrasted with his gloomy assessments in the previous year.
    • The beautiful and vast Texan landscape is well-shot and contrasts strikingly with the character close ups, intensifying their isolation.
    • Characters are blocky and the colors contrast well.
    • She is now again winning admiration for strongly contrasting performances in three new films.
    • The brothers' contrasting fortunes instill a sense of survivor's guilt in Porter.
    • Wilson and Johnson, moreover, had contrasting views of the Anglo-American relationship.
    • However, contrasting views of human demography have emerged from analyses of different components of the genome.
    • The treatments resulted in contrasting patterns of fruit growth.
    • The popular perception that an intergenerational equity debate emerged in Canada in the 1990s contrasts with previous research findings.
  • 2contrasting present participle

    (opinions/approaches) contrastante
    (opinions/approaches) opuesto