Traducción de contravene en español:


contravenir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑntrəˈvin/ /ˌkɒntrəˈviːn/

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verbo transitivo

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    • Hitler's orders completely contravened international laws, which he scorned.
    • A person who contravenes a traffic regulation order, or who uses a vehicle, or causes or permits a vehicle to be used in contravention of a traffic regulation order, shall be guilty of an offence.
    • It also found that the Migration Act contravened international law by barring any judicial review of detention.
    • He then considered the question of whether it was necessary to establish an intention to injure where the conspiracy involved action that contravened penal law.
    • These are concrete factual matters and they wish to ensure that their intended activity does not contravene valid law.
    • They can only interfere with an act of executive authority if it be shown that the authority has contravened the law.
    • The endeavour is to bring those who contravene international law to justice, whether for genocide, possessing illegal weapons or whatever.
    • We were also advised that this was the normal practice for small businesses and was not contravening any laws.
    • A camera was installed in a place where women frequently changed clothing, and the company was found to have contravened the law and was fined, I think it was $700 or $800.
    • Nevertheless, anyone who contravened the pirate law or code, would be dealt with viciously.
    • But those who contravene the racial laws are persecuted.
    • The essence of this principle seems to be that citizens who know that their conduct is on the borderline of illegality take the risk that their behaviour will be held to contravene the law.
    • If the BBC contravene the code it is not acting unlawfully.
    • If, on the other hand, members of organisations do engage in acts which contravene the criminal law then the law is able to deal with them.
    • I mean, initially I was like, ‘No no, I just think this particular war is unjustified and contravenes international law.’
    • Given that the entire war contravenes international law, does it matter?
    • Deliberate poisoning on a grand scale, such as the use of poison gases in warfare is uncommon and contravenes international law.
    • As I have said in the past, the entire plan contravened the international law concerning occupied territories, which does not permit an occupier to make alterations in the character of the occupied society or to change civil law.
    • The European Union has added its weight to the dispute echoing the UK's assertion that the action contravened international law.
    • He waged a war of aggression that contravened international law.