Translation of control freak in Spanish:

control freak

maniático del control, n.


informal, derogatory
  • 1

    maniático del control masculine
    maniática del control feminine
    • I'm such an obsessive control freak, over the teensiest things.
    • You have to be an obsessive control freak with no social life basically!
    • A control freak, his inability to take the lead in a situation in which so many elements are beyond his sphere of influence, is troubling him.
    • I prefer the Web site devoted to the exhibit at the Royal Academy in London, which was designed by someone who was less of a control freak.
    • I knew from the first time I met Jayson that Jayson was a control freak.
    • At heart, he remains a socialist control freak.
    • Michelle says her ex-husband was a control freak.
    • It's a movie about a control freak, and you see him at the very outset, controlling everything.
    • As much as I am a romantic at heart, I'm also a control freak.
    • I have been told on many occasions that I am a control freak.
    • The control freak in me has finally tipped over the edge.
    • Through much amateur psycho-analysis, being a control freak has been deemed the main motivation for my giving up drink.
    • You do not have to tell me that this is because I am a control freak.
    • I was a little concerned, because I had heard rumors about him being a control freak, which is not true.
    • He knew he could not have it, but he's a control freak.
    • There is something of the control freak about Thompson.
    • Clearly, theirs is the mutual attraction of a veteran control freak and an ambitious challenger.
    • Being a control freak, I never let on how much I was drinking.
    • Even as my life is winding down, I am still a control freak.
    • The flipside is that he has a reputation for being a control freak.