Translation of controller in Spanish:


director, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈtroʊlər/ /kənˈtrəʊlə/

Definition of director in Spanish


  • 1

    director masculine
    directora feminine
    financial controller director financiero
    • The fan will still get power from the fan controller; it will just be monitored by both.
    • The engine and automatic transmission controllers are combined into a single processor.
    • It had been alleged that a particular dealer had behaved fraudulently and the controller duly exercised the power.
    • The electronics of fan controllers can sometimes run very hot.
    • As the helicopters arrived, controllers smoothly directed them to the awaiting refuelers.
    • In effect, they act as replacement storage controllers for the devices they are virtualizing.
    • Mission controllers received a signal from the craft some 90 minutes after launch, confirming that all was well.
    • This would be controlled automatically by the lower element temperature controllers.
    • Data is fed from the antenna to the robot controller, enabling it to sense its position.
    • A trainee controller mistakenly directed a plane to descend through the flight level of another plane.
    • The CCTV will be monitored by controllers in Bradford who have direct contact with police.
    • Electricity board controllers were able to re-route power to most areas quite quickly, said the spokesman.
    • It takes a year of regular training before controllers can consider themselves fully fledged.
    • Hughes, who is an air-traffic controller, also invests regularly as an individual.
    • The probe was also used to help train flight controllers how to acquire radio signals from space.
    • As for comfort, I think I read that you can just rest it on your thigh like a regular controller.
    • The pin in the processor connected to the controller is called the interrupt request line.
    • According to the police reports, no one tried to come to her help or even pulled the signal to warn a controller.
    • Enthusiasts want to see the drivers do the business, not an electronic controller from the pits.
    • This causes me to not be able to close the door if I install the fan controller.
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    controlador masculine