Translation of convene in Spanish:


convocar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈvin/ /kənˈviːn/

Definition of convocar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (meeting/assembly/members) convocar
    • The leaders of three religions A, B and C decided to convene a meeting to bring about peace.
    • The mediator will usually meet with the opposing parties separately at first before convening a meeting where they are bought together.
    • Thus, a meeting convened by the finance secretary here today proved inconclusive.
    • I was very angry and I demanded that the City Committee and the City Disciplinary Committee should convene a meeting to hear my report.
    • The Regional Library is grateful to the Ballina Shire Council for convening a special Meeting of their Finance Committee to receive a deputation from the Regional Library Committee.
    • The final version said only that Switzerland could consider convening such a meeting.
    • Over the years, the group has exerted influence on Bulgarian authorities by convening regular meetings with key government figures, and by providing state institutions with its analyses and proposals.
    • The Vice-Chancellor, by convening district-wise meeting of college principals, has provided them the opportunity to present their individual problems for prompt redressal.
    • On March 8, 1945, he convened a meeting of magicians at the Mansion House.
    • Any decision taken by certain people without participating in the meeting convened by the government will not be complete.
    • An informal board meeting was convened in the aftermath and when no resolution could be reached, a formal meeting was held yesterday morning.
    • The UN has convened a meeting in Geneva between Australia, Norway and Indonesia to discuss the idea.
    • All nine members of the MPC attended the meeting convened by the governor, Sir Eddie George, yesterday morning.
    • It's also the venue for computer classes as well as meetings convened by local sports clubs and political parties.
    • We now have a situation where a meeting is being convened by the police to establish just how the money can be found in order to re-issue the contract.
    • Now the council has convened a meeting for Monday night, which will hear opinions from the local community before deciding what to do.
    • The forum convened the first public meeting on environmental pollution in Kerala in 1969.
    • A meeting was convened to discuss possible ways to prevent total gridlock.
    • The chief minister said he has convened a meeting on Tuesday to review the various road projects of Bangalore.
    • Later, the ousted members convened a meeting at a private club in the city.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (council/committee/congress) reunirse