Translation of convenience in Spanish:


conveniencia, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈvinjəns/ /kənˈviːnɪəns/


  • 1

    (comfort, practicality)
    conveniencia feminine
    comodidad feminine
    for your own convenience para su propria conveniencia / comodidad
    • are you sure the date is to your convenience? ¿está seguro de que la fecha le viene bien?
    • It is now common for many families to ‘alter their customs’ to suit their convenience.
    • With this scheme, the bank intends to improve customer convenience, reduce customer traffic at branches and create opportunities to generate a fee income.
    • This would increase customer convenience and also drive ‘warm’ sales leads direct to the company's skilled staff, making a sale more likely.
    • These two new access channels will offer customers greater convenience and provide two additional modes of transacting business with their branches.
    • ‘The network needs to evolve in a way that meets the geographic convenience of our customers,’ he added.
    • That said, it is hard to beat e-banking for the 24-hour convenience it offers internet-literate customers.
    • That would certainly suit our convenience, your Honour.
    • Reporters can choose criteria to suit their convenience.
    • Before your Honour leaves the Bench, could I thank your Honour for relisting the matter to suit my convenience this morning.
    • So, there is a very strong argument on the basis of convenience for staying further proceedings.
    • This provides convenience for customers throughout the area as well as good service and support.
    • All the stores expressed their willingness to comply with the government directive and are looking at ways to put the levy in place for the ease and convenience of their shoppers.
    • And many of us require substantially more to meet our perceived needs of comfort, convenience and transportation.
    • Elegantly designed with clean lines, the bathrooms provide comfort and convenience, right down to the thermostatically controlled bathtaps.
    • People expressed concern about buses replacing trains, and the loss of convenience, comfort and safety that rail offers.
    • Apart from providing convenience and comfort, they look trendy too.
    • Add that to the metal buttons on the straps and sides and you can tell that comfort and convenience didn't quite cross their minds.
    • ‘It is yet another attempt to provide better services and increase passenger convenience,’ says a press note.
    • Keeping in mind the style, comfort and convenience of its customers, it has given a wide choice to its customers who could opt for a need-based product.
    • Questions of safety, convenience and access to services are now being asked by the residents of the ancient street.
    • Our frozen meals service was introduced a few years ago to offer suitable clients the quality, choice and convenience of this type of meal.
    • It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the quality, value or convenience of anything I have to say.
    • Its product allows the consumer the convenience and quality of a Sunday roast without the lengthy preparation and cooking time.
    • It promises to ‘improve the convenience and quality of care’ by having the right information in the right place at the right time.
    • But for many shoppers, there is no alternative: nothing that comes close to rivalling the practicality and convenience of the car.
    • An overwhelming trend towards lifestyle convenience will favor portable, disposable formats for dairy products.
    • It is regarded as the fastest-growing intercontinental airline with its excellent convenience and services.
    • I'm committed to making practical changes to the access and convenience of health services and schools and am here today to establish what can be done.
    • The comfort and convenience of modern housing may make it difficult to understand the importance of fire to life in the colonial era.
    • When scouting for a location for your business, assess its convenience to potential customers.
    • The consumer wants higher quality foods with greater convenience and with greater nutritional values.
    • They are an integral part of modern society, providing much of the comfort and convenience of everyday life.
    • The increase in popularity is owed to the comfort, convenience and safety of today's contacts.
    • A motoscooter ‘blends the stylish aggressive form of a motorcycle with the comfort and convenience of a scooter’.
    • It has been praised as the ninth best venue for its shopping space, its convenience, comfort and accessibility.
  • 2

    (amenity, appliance)
    our hotels are equipped with every modern convenience nuestros hoteles están equipados con todas las comodidades modernas
  • 3British formal

    baño masculine Latin America
    servicio masculine Spain
    • All over Europe clean, attended public conveniences have disabled facilities.
    • A consultation document prepared by Mr Smith last year foresees all the present public conveniences closed down and replaced by just two new attended toilet blocks.
    • At Exhibition Square, plumbing problems left the toilets blocked and today the council admitted other public conveniences around the city had not been subject to their usual cleaning routine.
    • The nearest public conveniences in Chantry Lane do not have any disabled facilities.
    • Matters of sanitation as regards to public conveniences are equally an issue of the past as decent toilets are non-existent.
    • The town centre has been deprived of public conveniences since the Orchard Gate facilities were closed down, due to vandalism, back in July.
    • Councillors were being asked their views on a partnership agreement with South Lakeland District Council, which would have safeguarded one set of public conveniences in the town for a further year.
    • Campaigners fighting to save public conveniences at a popular beauty spot from closure have been heartened by a response to their concerns from a leading health official, reports Mike Addison.
    • There were scores of them yesterday, hanging around on the steps beside the takeaway, skulking outside Bow Church gates and lurking on the traffic island by the disused public conveniences.
    • And they are anxious about dismal public transport, dirty public conveniences, rip-off days out and restaurants that are anti-children.
    • The survey of how happy people were with the facilities had the region in bottom place with only 18 per cent of Yorkshire people pleased with public conveniences.
    • They don't realise when they're lurking around the public conveniences at the southern end of the bus station that the meridian passes immediately through the cubicles.
    • The budget also includes investment in an arts centre for the district, increased resources for street cleaning and improvements to car parks and public conveniences.
    • He said while district councils did not have a statutory duty to provide public conveniences they had inherited most from the former rural district and borough councils.
    • Local authorities are not obliged to provide public conveniences, but if they do they ought to be kept clean and functional, even if it means charging the public for using them.
    • The public conveniences were visited by independent judges who took into account factors such as cleanliness, friendliness and accessibility.
    • Talking of bogs, Local Authority cut-backs in the last year have meant that vast numbers of public conveniences have been closed.
    • We arrived home to the revelations about how disgusting York's public conveniences had been allowed to become over the Bank Holiday.
    • A recent survey of residents found that 60 per cent felt more public conveniences were needed at that end of the village.
    • If funding cannot be obtained for a warden, the alternative could be visitors having to travel to Cross Hills to use its public conveniences.