Traducción de convenience store en español:

convenience store


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    tienda pequeña que permanece abierta en horarios no habituales
    • The jobs came online in the spring with the opening of a new convenience store at the supermarket's old base in the town centre.
    • The firm is also proposing to build 14 shops, a convenience store, office blocks and a crèche.
    • The space can be subdivided for use as a convenience store and coffee shop or a sandwich bar.
    • In 2001 he decided to take a leave of absence from teaching, and establish a new convenience store.
    • Failing that, try the small convenience store on the street corner.
    • When he robbed a convenience store, he never returned to rob that store twice.
    • We still also have teenagers drinking alcohol on the street close to the chemist's shop and convenience store in full view of the cameras.
    • The store has evolved from a local convenience store to a nationally recognised supermarket.
    • Several miles from the convenience store the roads were clear - as if there had been no storm at all.
    • She got an apartment with friends and began working at a convenience store.
    • We all filed out of the car and made our way inside the convenience store.
    • Craig and I had attended a disturbance call to a convenience store about incorrect change.
    • Directly behind each shelf is a stock shelf, much like the set-up used in a convenience store.
    • He figured he'd stop by the convenience store for a pint of ice cream before going home to watch a DVD.
    • I haven't really had any bad jobs. l used to work at a convenience store with my friends.
    • To make ends meet, I've been working in a convenience store that also sells gasoline.
    • We stopped at a gas station and bought some snacks at the convenience store.
    • Logan pulled out of the parking lot and drove to a nearby convenience store.
    • Today, investigators went back and forth over that area around the convenience store.
    • As soon as I stepped outside, I longed for the warmth of the convenience store again.