Translation of convenient in Spanish:


conveniente, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈvinjənt/ /kənˈviːnɪənt/

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    (opportune, suitable)
    Tuesday is not convenient for me el martes no me resulta conveniente / no me viene bien
    • is there a convenient train tomorrow? ¿hay algún tren que me (or te etc.) convenga mañana?
    • would it be convenient for me to call tomorrow? ¿estaría bien que pasara mañana?
    • his resignation was most convenient for the firm su dimisión fue muy oportuna para la empresa / le vino muy bien a la empresa
    • There are plenty of ways to make your meal plan convenient, appealing, and customized to fit your lifestyle.
    • It wasn't as if he even particularly liked to swim; it was simply the most convenient physical activity.
    • In the garden would be quite convenient as you are planning on mowing the lawn.
    • The trick is making their first experience easy to plan and convenient.
    • It will pay a heavy price for that at the convenient and appropriate time.
    • People do not consider the inspections suitable or convenient to them.
    • Ordinary citizens were trampled in your administration and cast aside as rags when it was convenient and advantageous to you.
    • This would be very convenient, but I am slightly concerned that they are planning to charge rather a lot for it.
    • But could there be more appropriate and more convenient care for patients elsewhere?
    • It seems to me that it is convenient and appropriate that that is the course that should be adopted.
    • So it seems to me better to adjourn this matter to the first suitable date convenient to the parties after two weeks.
    • With hindsight, the course I adopted proved to be the convenient and appropriate one.
    • If either desires to make submissions about them, then they should do so at the earliest convenient opportunity.
    • They have the advantage of convenient dosing schedules, but they are expensive.
    • This is timely and convenient for patrons, and it saves a great deal of staff time and attention.
    • However, even without painting the insides, this project takes three days so plan to do it when it is convenient.
    • He said this meant they could be picked up at a convenient time, usually to prevent trouble at weekends.
    • I do have one further matter to trouble your Lordship with if that is convenient.
    • Pharmacists were allowed to attend the session most convenient for them.
    • I like using denial as a strategy, as it is easy, convenient, effective, and applicable to almost every life situation.
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    (neat, practical)
    a very convenient way of storing cassettes una manera muy práctica / cómoda de guardar los cassettes
    • The doctors responsible for children's heart surgery in Bristol provided convenient scapegoats.
    • Yet a closer look at his record suggests that he is just a convenient scapegoat for a lot of people's stereotypes.
    • The promissory note is a convenient tool, an additional guarantee to the bona fide commercial relationship.
    • They need somebody to blame, other than themselves, and he provides a most convenient target.
    • Nonetheless, Santa is one of those convenient lies everyone benefits from and, therefore, upholds.
    • Also, it provides a convenient excuse to get rid of whistleblowers.
    • It is also true that the government's foreign adventures provide a convenient distraction from its domestic problems.
    • What the transition from pounds and pence to euros and cents does is to provide a convenient smokescreen for a hike in prices.
    • It could also provide a quick and convenient exit for a management team that might be losing their appetite for a fight.
    • In northern areas, a solid snowdrift would provide a convenient launchpad over such a fence for deer.
    • This classification provided a convenient loophole for vehicle manufacturers.
    • These measures provide a convenient list of factors to consider when simplifying individual tasks or multitask processes.
    • Most visitors opt to ski convenient routes near Lake McDonald outside West Glacier.
    • I had planned to stand in a convenient archway, watching the rain and working on the book in my head.
    • The moving parties have not established that Nebraska is clearly a more appropriate and convenient forum than Ontario.
    • The feature of exporting text has the convenient inclusion of appropriate references by default.
    • From the advantage of a convenient tree you can watch your quarry and its behaviour.
    • It is somewhat troubling how convenient these security measures are in terms of keeping pesky reporters at bay.
    • It was very convenient, the trouble they had come across bringing about this solution.
    • Water softeners provide a convenient environment for these bacteria to grow.
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    (handy, close)
    I always go to that supermarket, it's very convenient siempre voy a ese supermercado porque me queda muy a mano
    • it's very convenient having the school so near resulta muy práctico tener la escuela tan cerca
    • a convenient base from which to explore the region una base bien situada desde donde explorar la región
    • it's so convenient for the station la estación queda tan a mano