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congresista, n.

Pronunciación /kənˌvɛn(t)ʃəˈnɪr/ /kənvɛnʃəˈnɪə/

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    congresista masculino, femenino
    • Also included is a 10-thousand square-foot business service center, which will be staffed and equipped to handle the daily business needs of conference participants and conventioneers.
    • The Boston Fire Department's fireboats will add another security dimension in the harbor, lending a hand in protecting the thousands of conventioneers that will be attending events throughout the city.
    • Best-selling author Elizabeth Peters will be there to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award and more than 150 authors and experts will be taking part in events that conventioneers can attend.
    • Did these concerns justify situating protesters far from the conventioneers ' route, and penning them in?
    • All conventioneers will be able to attend these talks, because the speaker will be the only session scheduled in a particular time slot.
    • But if New Orleans is to rebound, it must rekindle its carefree spirit and once again seduce the tourists and conventioneers who account for a significant portion of its economy.
    • New York City is especially susceptible to this seduction, because many New Yorkers can't imagine how conventioneers or tourists could prefer any other city.
    • In 1992, Bill Clinton told conventioneers and the television audience about his abusive step-father.
    • With all those conventioneers in town, I bet she did good business.
    • The video ended, and the conventioneers cheered as Mr. Bush strode onto a stage shaped like a pitcher's mound.
    • You go out, you report, you come back, you write. Veteran conventioneers know this well.
    • Various big hotels for business travelers and conventioneers grew up nearby.
    • The convention in the main hail was not so much the focus of attention, as a centre in whose gravitational field all the business of the conventioneers was held, spinning around the coronation of a candidate.
    • The top advice from seasoned conventioneers is to pre-register for the convention so you can receive and digest the program beforehand.
    • This push to integrate a city's disparate parts into one cohesive branding approach comes as competition among regions for tourists, conventioneers and skilled workers has increased dramatically over the past 50 years.
    • It cites an order that all air marshals ‘will be required to wear coat and tie on all domestic missions’ to ‘blend in’ with conventioneers on shuttle flights between Washington and New York.
    • During the previous summer, due to the ongoing threat of violence at the hands of Missouri border ruffians, the conventioneers had appealed to the federal government to protect them - a plea Pierce ignored.
    • We tried desperately to discover why an organisation devoted to tanks and jets is interested in microscopic machines, but the conventioneers, despite their PhDs, failed to convince us.
    • For conventioneers, the casino can set up custom networks between any facilities on campus for video, audio and Internet presentations.
    • How could the bickering conventioneers possibly attain the goal of making Europe more democratic, transparent, and efficient?